The Best Way To Convince People To Buy your Product.


Psychological Trick

The Best Trick You Can Use To Get People To Buy Your Product.

In the world of finance and business today, one of the most important things that companies focus on (human attention) and how it can be obtained and attracted to them, such as banners and advertisements in the streets It is one of the types of advertisements that attract people's attention and focus.

What is Psychological Trick?

Psychological tricks is one of the tools that have been used from ancient times and its aim is to convince and shift people's focus to their goods.


  1. Best Marketing Representative.
  2. A Person Doing a Job Interview.
  3. Business consultant.

Example & Stories on psychological tricks:

1. Best Marketing Representative

This marketing representative used to meet people in their homes and say to them (I apologize, I forgot something in my car). If you give permission, give me the key to the house so that I can enter the house without disturbing you.

In this way, this marketer has created trust between him and the customer, and this will accelerate the customer and trust his products and services and agree to them.

2. A Person Doing a Job Interview

This person poses a question to the people supervising the interview, and this is what made him get a 3 job offer in 3 of the most important companies in the world.

The question he posed was before starting the interview
(why you chose me for this interview)
and this question is very clever and the owners of companies greatly like because when the company decides to meet people for work, the supervisors think and put a question to ask it to the applicants and from this question (why I chose our company)
This is what companies are looking for in order to offer them the best.

3. Business consultant

A business consultant who shared with the client the goals, scope of work, and price that the client liked, so he always agreed and trusted his offers.

This is what Business Counselor Layan M. Al-Salhi said



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