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How to earn more than $500 from mobile | Earn money online

Earn Money Online

How to earn more than $500 from a mobile phone and own a private project on the Internet with ease. There are many ways through which thousands of dollars can be spent from the Internet, many young people turn to regular businesses and do not look to the future.

Earn Money Online: Earn more Than $500 from Mobile 

Look around you, and you will find that most jobs have become electronic, and there are jobs that have dispensed with humans, including factories that depend 90% on robots that manufacture products.

Young people should think a little about the issue of jobs and be satisfied with what they are doing, so start working on your project from now on so that it grows and becomes very huge.

In this article, I will tell you how to make money from the Internet using Redbubble.

How To Make Money on Redbubble

Redbubble is a very special site through which you can sell many beautiful designs that you can design easily, Redbubble is a completely free site that enables you to publish your designs and put them on a group of products such as T-shirts, mugs, and others.

The site sells it to you after you put the amount that suits you and is reasonable, and the site markets your product without costing you anything, and when you sell the product, Redbubble takes a percentage of each sale.

There are things you must do to succeed in Redbubble:

  • When uploading designs to the site, you must modify the design to suit the products.
  • Use keywords to attract more visitors and thus buy more.

Why should keywords be used?

Simply when you put the right and strong keywords, it attracts visitors, and thanks to the keywords, your product becomes the front page leader, and thus increases the profit. Keywords help you to find your products people looking for specific designs, and publish links for your products on social networking sites, this increases your chance.

If you want to start your project to grow and prosper, promote your products and in this case it will reach a huge number of people and they will buy and thus increase profits.

You can also create your own online store through Shopify and put your products in it that you designed from the Redbubble site and put the links to the products.
Redbubble is based on printing the product, marketing it and delivering it to all parts of the world. This is very promising.

How to earn more than $500 from mobile