Top 5 Research Topics In Business & Management

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Top 5 Research Topics In Business & Management:PhD or DBA

Top 5 Research Topics In Business & Management

Looking for a DBA or PhD in the business or business arena? See if some business research areas offer the most opportunities, according to course leaders.

"What we knew a few years ago is no longer working. We have new research and new research," said Dr. Valérie Sabatier, Ph.D. Deputy Doctoral Program at Grenoble Ecole de Management in France. I need a model. "
Globalization, technological change, environmental issues, social and political turmoil, the financial crisis of the past decade, and the increasing number of admissions to vocational schools are all interrelated, but fueling the demand for PhDs in Business and DBAs on a variety of topics. Here, course leaders identify the five most in-demand areas of business research.

Five of the most in-demand areas:

  1. Technology and Innovation Management.
  2. Resource Management and Sustainable Development.
  3. Social Entrepreneurship.
  4.  Corporate Responsibility, Ethics and Responsibility.
  5. Accounting and Finance.

1. Technology and Innovation Management

"The management of innovation and technology is particularly important now," says Sabatier. “The questions about research and development strategy and business models and innovations are very important from both a theoretical and management perspective.” 

 What is driving demand?

Rapid constant change. “The world is changing and evolving rapidly, and new questions are always being asked,” says Sabatier. Gillian Simon, director of the PhD program at the University of London's Royal Holloway Faculty of Business Administration, added: “With the continuous rapid development of social technology that revolutionizes marketing, communication and organizational relationships, these topics are essential.”

2. Resource Management and Sustainable Development 

 Energy Management, Water Management and Sustainable Development are all stated by Alessandro Binachi as the 'great "macro" theme of the century". Spain. 

 What drives demand?

 As Binachi says , "If we need to solve (this problem) in the short term, life on Earth could be at serious risk, or at least likely to become unpredictably complex. " 


3. Social Entrepreneurship 

 Recently, the number of social entrepreneur MBA degrees is increasing. There are also opportunities for PhD and DBA candidates in this field. "Social Entrepreneurship is not only about business models in the developing world, but also about innovation about fff. It's a hot topic,” says Savatier. 

 What is driving demand? 

Social, economic and attitude changes. Research in this area focuses on "how to create value for society and the value of profits and profits," says Sabatier.

4. Corporate Responsibility, Ethics and Responsibility 

 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has been a similarly "hot" theme for some time, but course leaders still say it is a core priority of research. Binachi identifies ethical issues among the most urgent topics in today's business research, while Symon has six studies where "sustainability, responsibility and ethics" are Royal Holloway's priorities. It is one of the areas of specialty. 

 What is driving demand? 

Symon says the impact of the financial crisis since 2008 is still very much felt. This means that corporate responsibility, accountability and "valuation of fair value accounting" are still at the top of the agenda.

5. Accounting and Finance 

 Finally, accounting and finance are still in high demand. Symon not only emphasizes the link between accounting and responsibility, but also anticipates growing demand for an accounting model for intangible assets. 

 What is driving demand? 

Widespread pressures of social and economic change have increased the number of admissions to high-level business school programs. “The craze of professional education has created a shortage of PhD-level professors teaching in business schools,” says Sabatier. As a result, scholars in accounting and finance, particularly corporate finance and markets, are in high demand in both research and teaching positions. 
 Of course these are not the only areas of opportunity. Simon also mentions warfare and global security and global labor standards as areas of business research that prospects growth and mentions medical as well as fields already covered by Sabbatii. 
 Meanwhile, the Vinazis go beyond this overriding theme, emphasizing that each region and industry presents its own specific priorities and challenges. Finally, he points out that many of the concerns that aroused business leaders more than a century ago, such as productivity, labor issues, cost savings, and new product development, are just as imminent as they are today.


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