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July 2021

The Role of Marketing in Economic Development: How To Develop A Successful Strategy
Mansour 28 July 2021
  The Role of Marketing in Economic Development: How to Develop A Successful Strategy Marketing is a vital part of any successful company. ...
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How to Get Started With Affiliate Marketing: Startup Guide To Earning Money Online
Mansour 25 July 2021
  I had previously talked about affiliate marketing in detail, and after reading blogs and websites and the personal experience of affiliate...
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4 of the top areas businesses need to focus on to help recover from COVID-19
Mansour 24 July 2021
  Adverse effect of covid-19 on businesses _  COVID-19 can be the most difficult, strong and most important test that businessmen have face...
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Digital Marketing: Top 5 Digital Marketing Tools
Mansour 18 July 2021
  Digital marketing strategy The Digital Marketing Tools Used By Digital Marketers Digital marketing is one of the most important and best t...
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Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Marketing Strategy
Mansour 17 July 2021
  Peer to Peer (P2P) Marketing  What is (P2P) Marketing? Peer to Peer Marketing it is one of the promotional techniques that encourage and a...
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Soft Skills in Business: Why are soft skills important?
Mansour 15 July 2021
Soft Skills Soft Skills In Business What are Soft Skills in Business? Certifications, courses, knowledge, programming, and second languages ...
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What Is A Brand And 4 Types of Brands You Should Know
Mansour 12 July 2021
  What is a Brand in Business The Definition Of A Brand: What Makes a Brand Successful What is a Brand? A brand is helps people identify a s...
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How to Earn More than $600 From Uploading Files: A Guide for Beginners
  How to Earn Money by Uploading pdf How to Earn More than $600 From Uploading Files If you are looking for additional income that will earn...
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How to Become a Marketing Analyst in 5 Easy Steps - Market analyst skills
Mansour 10 July 2021
Marketing Analyst Job Description What is a Marketing Analyst? The marketing analyst is the one who helps companies determine products, serv...
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Earn Money Online: 6 Great Ways to Earn Extra Income
  Earn Money Ways 6 Great Ways to Earn Extra Income without Quitting Your Job Usually people are satisfied with their full time salary but i...
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Marketing Plan | Definition Marketing Plan
Mansour 06 July 2021
  Marketing Plan Definition Definition The Marketing Plan and Explain its Elements What is the marketing plan? The marketing plan is an oper...
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8 Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses and Startups
successful small business marketing strategies   8 Easy Strategies For Attracting Customers To Your Small Business If this is your first tim...
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Marketing Manager Job Description: What Does a Marketing Manager Do?
Mansour 01 July 2021
  The Job of a Marketing Manager: What Does it Mean to be a Marketing Manager? A marketing manager is a person who will be responsible for t...
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