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5 Ways Working From Home Using Amazon Can Change Your Life

 5 Ways Working From Home Using Amazon Can Change Your Life, And How You Can Get Started

The benefits of working from home are innumerable. You’ll have the freedom to live wherever you want, schedule your day around your life instead of the other way around, and work in whatever clothes you feel like wearing. Working from home sounds perfect—but it can be hard to stay motivated when you’re by yourself all day! Here are five ways that Amazon can change your life if you work from home.

What is Amazon?

Most people have heard of Amazon, but it’s easy to forget just how many tools and services you can use to boost your productivity if you work from home. When you work from home, it can be hard to work within the confines of a traditional office environment. You won’t get all the perks of being around coworkers, and there are tons of things you’ll have to do to find the time to write, market, create content, etc. While you can always enjoy having coworkers around, there are a few advantages to working from home that you might not think about. Amazon can give you everything you need to succeed at work—and it can make your working from home life a million times easier. If you work at home, Amazon makes it easy to: Save time. Save money. Gain control over your environment.

How to get started

If you want to work from home using Amazon, one of the first steps is to sign up for a free Amazon Web Services account and create a fully functional online office of your very own. If you’re used to having a separate office, just set up a “do not disturb” rule on your phone for your home office hours so your wife doesn’t get mad when you’re downstairs on your laptop during dinner. In order to start working from home, you’ll need to have an existing Amazon account, an internet connection, and a computer with enough power. What you’ll need to set up your own Amazon workspace You’ll need to have an Amazon account. This is the only way Amazon can give you access to all of its online services.

The Best Working From Home Gadgets

Headphones If you work in the house all day, you’ll want to invest in a good pair of headphones that allow you to control the volume of your music from your phone and speak to Siri from time to time. If you want to listen to something other than YouTube Music, you can listen to iHeartRadio on your computer, or check out streaming services like Spotify or Pandora on your phone. If you listen to both of these services, make sure you have equal length on each! If you’re listening to something with shorter tracks, you may be better off listening to Amazon Music with the Amazon Music Unlimited service, which costs $8.99 per month. If you want a very basic set, check out the Logitech Z906 Speakers ($88.73). They are on sale for $69.99 right now at Amazon.

The best working from home clothes

Amazon has an entire line of clothing designed specifically for working from home. The company has partnered with more than 70 of the best-known clothing brands to make it easy to work from home. Each line of clothing is intended for a specific reason and comes with a specific purpose—from denim to suits, everything will help you get your work done faster and look the part at the same time. You don’t need to work from the comfort of your own home to work in this clothing line. Check out Amazon’s entire selection of work from home clothes here. The ultimate streaming device If you’re still using cable, Amazon Fire TV is your best friend. With a sleek design, strong streaming capabilities, and a subscription to Amazon Prime Video, you’ll be all set.

The best working from home apps

Lunchbox Lunchbox sends out daily morning and afternoon vegan lunches and dinner recipes, along with a delivery estimate. You can even have your meals delivered in reusable to-go containers to make your life as easy as possible. Work From Home From Box Work From Home From Box is a simple and convenient way to get your daily tasks done from the comfort of your home. You can purchase work items to send yourself at home for absolutely no cost. Package a Manuscript Package A Manuscript allows you to get files to you wherever you are. Simply order a package, have them sent to you, and all of your most important files will be delivered straight to you. Taskbob Taskbob is a productivity tool that lets you keep track of all of your work, whether that’s your home work or work at home.


After reading this guide, you’re going to be more motivated than ever! You’ll feel like you’ve got a second family that will always support you, and a team of rock-stars who will love you as if you were part of their squad. There’s no doubt in your mind that if you don’t find a way to work from home, you’ll be depressed and suicidal in the very near future. Thank you to our amazing host Ashlyn for giving me the chance to write this guide! Thank you to my awesome co-writer Craig for the edits, and to Justin Baker for his amazing skill in video editing! If you enjoyed the article, please “like” our Facebook page, or give us a review on Google. We appreciate your support, and please keep coming back for more!