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Creative Marketing for Small Business: How to Grow Your Business and Create a Unique Brand

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A lot of people might think that small businesses don’t need marketing. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. Marketing is an essential element of every small business, large business, and everything in between. With so much competition in the marketplace, it can be difficult to get noticed for all the right reasons. However, marketing your business doesn’t have to break the bank or require a lot of time or effort. Here are some ways to create a unique brand and grow your audience with minimal financial outlay:

Consider who your audience is and what they want

The idea of what people want changes over time, but the fundamentals remain the same. So, don’t rely on a formula or trend to tell you what the consumer wants now. You have to know who your target audience is and how they live their lives. Sally Helgeson, creator of Scribble and Draw, says that a great way to do that is to ask your readers to share their ideas or personal details. By digging into your audience’s emotions, motives, and behaviors, you can find the answers to many questions. For instance, what do they hate? Why do they pay for things? How do they shop? And so on. Focusing on your audience gives you a way to discover what they care about and what they don’t. You can then tailor your marketing strategies accordingly.

Be authentic to your brand and use that as a foundation

One of the best ways to stand out from the crowd and attract new customers is to use the strength of your brand name. Always be authentic to your brand and the values you want to reinforce. If you don’t, people won’t want to be a part of what you’re selling or they won’t remember you. People also value trust and authenticity in their brand. This means showing up for your clients and customers, and prioritizing customer service and responsiveness. Additionally, be sure that your employees are on board with your brand, too. That way, you can ensure that all of your efforts are being executed in a cohesive manner.

Experiment with different marketing channels

Building a strong brand requires exposure to a targeted audience. That might mean advertising on a website like Forbes or sponsoring a podcast. While some of these avenues are beyond the scope of your budget, others are perfectly manageable. Use a strategy such as A/B testing to find the best way to reach your audience. And since your business might be at a small scale, make sure that you can afford to test multiple strategies. Keep it short The earlier in the day you post your blog, the better. Short posts that are easy to read receive more views. Don’t post too many posts a day. Keep it consistent. Include a diverse selection of content for your blog. Consider having shorter articles on your website and social media. Consider creating an annual newsletter.

Create content for different demographics

Whether you want to market your creative services, your industry, or your specific product, it is a good idea to use a variety of different types of content to appeal to different demographics. This is not just because people of different demographics have different buying habits, but it will also provide additional opportunities to get in front of the right person at the right time. Segment your audience To create content that appeals to different demographics, you need to segment your audience so you can target messages for each one. That doesn’t mean that you have to create separate websites for each group. In fact, this is just marketing malpractice. With so many people out there, there is no reason why you can’t target the same message to all of them.

Advertise on social media

The vast majority of businesses are on social media platforms, so it’s pretty much mandatory for them to stay in touch with their customers. If your business has a strong social media presence already, it will be even easier to build on that by creating some entertaining, engaging content for social media that your audience will love. Besides the standard Facebook and Twitter marketing methods, it’s also a good idea to advertise on the Facebook pages of relevant businesses, online magazines, and relevant sites. It doesn’t have to be expensive either. Sites like Advertise-On-AdWords and Big Ads will give you all the tools you need for affordable ads without forcing you to spend thousands of dollars on ads for your small business.

Utilize partnerships and collaborations

Small businesses and large brands alike can achieve marketing success with small collaborations. The value of a small business collaborating with a larger brand in this way is clear. When a business identifies that a large brand would be a useful partner for them, they should make the effort to reach out and begin collaborating. For example, if a small brand is trying to appeal to a younger demographic, they can create a marketing campaign that aligns with what the large brand is trying to achieve. Instead of choosing to market to a young demographic, a small brand could choose to market to millennials. The results can be equally effective and potentially even more attractive to a broader audience.

Create a personality for your brand

The first thing you need to do is build a personality for your brand. This is an important step in your marketing efforts. People will understand your brand and your message if they feel like you are speaking directly to them. Make sure you give customers the feeling that they are talking to someone. Your brand needs to be unique and memorable. Research your target audience to find out their goals and desires. Then build your marketing around your target audience. This can be done by creating surveys and interviews, or by placing ads on social media platforms, which often have large, targeted audiences. Send a personalized message to your customer base Another great way to build a relationship with your customers is to send a personalized message to your target audience.


Small business owners spend so much time on the tasks of running their companies that sometimes they forget about the importance of having a personal brand. It’s all too easy to fall into the trap of losing touch with the desires of your customers, and to neglect to develop a unique message that stands out from the crowd. However, you don’t have to spend money on market research or hire a marketing consultant to improve your business and brand. You can use these techniques to boost creativity and boost your bottom line.