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Google & Facebook Ads: The Best Way to Lower Your CPC

 The Best Ways to Lower Your Google & Facebook Ads Cost Per Click

Advertising is necessary for any business. With the internet and social media, it has become more affordable and accessible than ever before. Google and Facebook ads are two of the most popular options for advertising on social media platforms. They can be expensive though, especially if your clickthrough rate (CTR) is low. However, there are ways to lower your cost per click (CPC). One such way is to make sure that you have a good landing page for each ad you create. Here's what you need to know about Google and Facebook Ads.

Google Ads

Google is the king of online advertising, so it makes sense that they have a way to optimize your ads as much as possible. They use CPC and CPM to determine the cost to advertise in their platform. Google is specific about its target audience. According to the Google Display Network Review: It is generally optimized to people in countries with access to the Internet through desktop computers with desktop operating systems and the ability to read texts. You can get specific by using the keyword search phrase you use for your ads. But Google doesn't penalize you for it if you aren't a good match for their audience. They even have an option to test ads before they are deployed, as long as you set up two or more campaigns.

Facebook Ads

If you've ever posted on Facebook, you're probably aware of the automatic "like" and "share" buttons that are available to help people learn more about your products and services. However, sometimes, you may miss some important elements. You need to make sure that you don't confuse the users by not indicating that a friend needs to click on a special URL (URL for Pay Per Click) to find out more about your product. This is particularly important if you're using the Facebook Pixel to promote an online store, which means you have to add a click-to-call button (CTC) on your store's home page. When someone does, it's up to them to call you! Of course, you also need to make sure you have an attractive landing page that your potential customers can easily navigate.

Landing Pages

One way to lower your CPC is to create landing pages for each ad you create. This way, your ads can refer to all landing pages instead of just one. When people click on your ad, you don't want them going to the same landing page every time. Google takes that into consideration. However, it does not always do the same for Facebook. Another way to lower your CPC is to ensure that you write for the benefit of your readers. Don't just write to sell the products or services that you are selling. Instead, make sure that you have a relevant post on the landing page that will engage readers and drive traffic. Showing Your Actual Customers In order to gain trust from your audience, you need to show your customers in a way that is similar to what they would see from a human being.


CPC can be a costly way to advertise. However, there are ways to lower it. If you spend a lot on ads, try to create a good landing page so that your customers have a reason to do business with you.