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How to Make Your Home Office Work for You: Essential Tips on Choosing the Right Desk and Setting Up Your Office

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6 Tips for Making Your Home Office More Functional

It is not always easy to find the right desk for your home office. The perfect home office setup can make you more productive, but it also impacts how you work. When deciding on the best furniture for your home office, think about how you work, what tasks are most important to you, and what materials will be best for the task. It is very important to set up your workspace in a way that belies your personality and reflects your working preferences. Here are some tips on how to create a great working environment at home so you can get the most out of your day!

Find the right desk for your work

The first thing you need to think about when choosing the best office desk is the type of work that you do. Are you an essay writer? Do you edit documents or write reports? Are you a writer? If you work in a corporate setting, a desk with wheels could be ideal for you. What are the main types of work you do at home? Try to work out which tasks you are most comfortable with. Do you work on the computer? Do you have a standing desk? What kinds of documents do you mostly work with? If you are a writer, do you prefer to write in a notebook or do you type your stories in Microsoft Word? How you sit at your desk is equally as important. If you sit at a table or sit at a desk with wheels, try to figure out how you will want to work. Are you happy to sit with your back to a wall?

Organize the space with the right equipment

Having the right equipment can improve your efficiency in the home office. Make sure that you have the right kind of computer equipment and software available. Investing in a high-quality machine that you can rely on can give you all the office software you need for the duration of your career. If you are using the Internet for your work, it is a good idea to get high-speed Internet access in the home office. The Internet is a reliable tool for home office tasks and many companies offer high-speed internet access to their employees. You can use a program such as ConnectWise to set up your internet connections. An email server, business phone line, and email client can be helpful to keep your work and personal emails separate.

Create a collaborative environment

When working in your home office, you are most likely there to be alone. However, your home is filled with family and friends, so working with others can be both productive and a great way to bond with others. Making a welcoming space can help set you up for success. Give your home office a “human touch” by establishing a place for guests to visit. This will make your space feel more welcoming to others. You can also bring a plant or two to help create a green and cheerful environment. It may be tempting to place your computer on a desk, but it is actually better to work on a sofa or in a chair for a more comfortable setting. Use the right seating Many people choose to work on the couch or on the floor, but it is important to choose the proper furniture for your work.

Look into ergonomics and health

The chair you sit in can make or break the ergonomics of your home office. Your desk chair should be wide enough for your computer and also provide support for your wrists and arms. The top of your desk should be clean and free of clutter and distracts you. You may need a surface that is not just clean and free of distraction, but also durable so it can handle multiple uses. The furniture and hardware for your home office should be sturdy and strong. You may want to look into a do-it-yourself project if you are not yet confident in using the products you have on hand. Match your desk with your office's décor Although it sounds obvious, it is important to coordinate your home office with the décor of your room.

Incorporate personal touches

People who work from home know how hard it can be to work in a space that doesn’t reflect who they are. Personalization goes a long way in the right environment. Whether it is adding a favorite picture to your wall, investing in a pillow you need at your desk, or having a small desk lamp that you can use to read in bed, make sure your home office reflects who you are. A small desk lamp is the best way to be able to read comfortably at night. People who work from home are some of the most dedicated and hard working employees. It makes sense to give them a workspace that reflects that commitment! Create a Space for Networking When you work from home you have to be extra intentional about finding the time to connect with other business owners and industry professionals.

Consider lighting and noise levels

Lighting is very important to creating a healthy working environment. Your eyes need bright light to see clearly, while your brain works best in dim light. Therefore, if you find yourself working in a room with low light, or looking for a place with lots of natural light, you may want to consider a desk with lots of windows. Light is essential for creative work, but too much light can cause headaches. Likewise, a light that's too strong can cause eyestrain. As well as considering natural light, it's important to consider noise levels. If you need to work in a quiet room, a quiet desk may be a better choice, while a room full of soft toys can be too distracting. If you are a hands-on kind of person, a magnetic desk organizer might be a good choice.

Carefully consider what to do with your phone

Have you ever tried to work while looking at your phone? It will only slow you down and distract you. So why do it at work? Think about all the times you’ve gotten home from work and not gone straight to the desk. It is not that you’re not working, it’s just that you’ve been distracted by all the things you missed during the day, so it feels like too much work to focus. A smartphone will never be as important as spending time at your desk. So when you need to check your schedule or emails, turn your phone on silent and put it away. Take your own chair If your working setup consists of your sitting at a desk with an office chair, it’s time to think about why you have that chair, and why you continue to sit in it all day. Is it because you don’t want to buy a new office chair?


The space you choose for your home office should be the right size to help you run your home life smoothly while you are at work. If you do not have enough room for your office, it might be time to consider a smaller home. The space you choose for your home office should be the right size to help you run your home life smoothly while you are at work. If you do not have enough room for your office, it might be time to consider a smaller home.