Reasons Why Big Brands Use Reviews to Build Reputation

 Why Big Brands Shouldn't Ignore Reviews: The Benefits of Using Reviews to Build Reputation

When you’re starting a business, finding ways to get the word out about your brand is vital. You might want to do things like build your social media following or create an email list. But, this is only the first step of getting people on board with your product. The next step is getting them on board with your reputation. Reviews are a great way to do this because they offer transparency and show that what you’re doing is working for others. Here, are some reasons why big brands use reviews to build reputation and how it’s beneficial for small businesses like yours!

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Review Basics

One of the biggest questions you should have when it comes to reviews is what the difference is between positive and negative reviews. How are these two different from each other? Positive reviews are written to help other readers feel comfortable about shopping with a particular brand. Most likely, these reviews are written by customers who have already used the product or service, and have given it positive feedback. In other words, they would be able to share a personal experience with the brand, and give you plenty of positive feedback to use in your own marketing. Negative reviews aren’t all negative. They may include feedback from customers who haven’t used a product or service and would like to share their concern about how it performed.

Why Reviews Are Beneficial for Big Brands

Because More Companies Use Reviews Today, Brands Have to Follow When more people are searching for reviews on websites, brands are forced to listen. People trust online reviews more than ever before and they don’t feel the need to come back if they find a bad review. Companies have to do the work to make sure they are relevant to their consumers or they risk losing those that they need. As a business owner, you want to always keep in mind the questions and concerns of your customers. But, you also want to make sure you’re listening to what your customers have to say. With that said, you have to do so to the best of your abilities. And, that means using reviews to help shape your reputation and your business.

How To Use Reviews to Build Reputation

  1. Customers Can Tell You're Authentic It’s important that you’re able to be honest with your customers when they’re being honest with you. Reviews allow you to get a better sense of how customers are really feeling about your product or service. As a result, you will get better suggestions about your product or service. 
  2. Customers See You as a Human and Not A Large Organization Reviews give your customers an insight into what it was like to be your customer. The way you treat your customers is a clear reflection of how you are doing as a business. By not being biased or intentionally misleading, customers are able to see you as you really are. 
  3. Reviews Provide An In-Depth Insight Once you get a solid review, it’s easy to gather more data.

The Benefits of Using Reviews for Your Brand

Reviews, reviews, reviews: Building reputation is more important than ever. One of the key benefits of reviews is that they provide transparency for people to see the authentic experience. As a business owner, you want your customers to trust you and you want them to like you. Reviews give people an opportunity to make a decision based on your reputation. Customer Reviews and Product Reviews: The reviews on any product or service from anyone you’re purchasing from provide a great snapshot into your business. This is helpful for business owners because it gives them a glimpse into how others are responding to their business and gives them another chance to make a difference. The customer reviews and product reviews also inform them of how to improve.


Thanks for reading, my fellow B2B marketers! There is a ton of information in this post, but this should help you make some good decisions about the type of review platform that is best for your particular business. If you have any additional questions or thoughts, please feel free to comment below!


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