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The Best Ways Businesses Can Use YouTube For Marketing

 The Best Ways Businesses Can Use YouTube For Marketing

Internet video consumption is growing rapidly, reaching more than 500 million hours of video every day. Therefore, small business owners can increase brand awareness and attract people to their website by investing resources in video marketing. But just creating a YouTube channel and publishing some videos may not be enough to guarantee positive results. California businesses are working hard to get results from their YouTube channels.

One of the cheapest and most effective ways to increase brand awareness is through content search engine optimization (SEO). Youtube videos are no exception and can be optimized for search engines. Optimizing videos for search engines is very useful because the traffic from SEO optimized content is usually permanent. Videos like this tend to attract people to the YouTube channel many years after being published. It is worth noting that some SEO strategies of Youtube are similar to the search engine optimization of text websites. However, certain SEO strategies are unique to YouTube. The SEO of YouTube videos is mainly done by searching keywords. By checking Google Trends and competitors’ YouTube channels, you can find keywords that are relevant to your audience. You can also adjust the description, tags, thumbnails, and file name of the video title to ensure that they are attractive to search engines and viewers. The method of optimizing videos correctly for search engines is called Youtube Seo.

 Let your audience clearly understand your value proposition

 Before making a video, the company will do a good job of researching the needs and preferences of its customers. Companies can create compelling brand videos by clarifying the company’s value proposition. This strategy proved successful in 2012 and helped turn a little-known startup company into a household name. The Dollar Shaving Club released a viral video that aroused the imagination of the public. The video’s success was mainly due to the company’s time spent researching its target group and clearly showing the relevant value proposition to the target group.

 Diversify your video content

 Some small business owners worry that their industry or department may not be attractive enough to enjoy the videos released by the company. But video production does not have to be limited to the company’s products or service offerings to be successful. California companies thrive by publishing videos of other local events that are not directly related to the company's core business. A video series featuring Soquel surf enthusiasts became popular in early 2019, even though the video was released to promote the fast casual restaurant SurfCity Sandwich. Since the release of the first video, the restaurant’s sales and brand awareness have increased significantly.

 It is widely expected that video will replace text as the most common type of content on the Internet in the next few years. But this type of content is still not fully utilized by small businesses. Brands can improve their video marketing strategies by creating YouTube channels and optimizing videos for service engines. When a company clearly explains its value proposition in branded videos and diversifies its video content, good results can be achieved.