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The Best Strategies for Boosting Creativity in Your Marketing

 The Best Strategies for Boosting Creativity in Your Marketing

Creativity is your company's most powerful asset. It can transform a business and give it a competitive edge. Creativity in marketing has the power to attract and retain customers and cut through the clutter to deliver a clear, concise message. If you've been struggling with how to boost creativity in your marketing, this blog post is for you! Here are seven strategies that will help you find innovative ways to market your product or service again and again.

Creative Marketing Ideas That Work

  1. Use smart design. Don't just slap together a creative piece of marketing or print advertising – ask yourself what problem you're trying to solve. That will give you an idea of how you can solve it visually.
  2. Create animations, memes, and gifs. According to Google, searches for "graphics" have increased by 50% over the last three years. The reason why? Everything is moving toward simplicity and faster internet speeds mean we are consuming a lot more data. Graphics and animation make the content easier to consume and can be used to enhance the creative approach you take.
  3. Be open to sharing. Think about the processes in your company and how people use them. We all do things slightly differently, so embrace that and have fun along the way.

Finding Inspiration for Your Creativity

To find inspiration for your creativity, start looking around you. Who are your clients? Who are your target audiences? How can your messaging resonate with the people you have in mind? Review your past campaigns and initiatives. What works? What doesn't? Look for new ways to make your messaging more effective. Focus groups, focus groups, focus groups! Take a look at your competition. What do they do? What are they marketing? How do they use creative strategies to engage their audiences? No matter how you look at it, there's no such thing as creative destruction. Creative strategizing is essential to the success of your business, and it's something you can always learn more about and improve upon.

Promoting Creativity in Your Marketing

  1. Keep it Simple There is no need to complicate your marketing to attract your target audience. Simple campaigns always get the attention they deserve. Try to keep your campaigns focused, and avoid using flashy graphics or lots of complex information to avoid confusion. No matter how big or small your campaign is, it should be easy to understand. Just remember to personalize your messages for your target audience and make sure your promotions make sense to them.
  2. Keep Your Approach to a Minimum One surefire way to cut through the clutter is to keep your approach to a minimum. Start with a simple subject line that draws attention to the message, followed by a brief description. Then, just one sentence: "Why should I care?" The rest of the copy should be at the end.

The Top Reasons Why Companies Struggle with Creativity

  1. Too Many Opportunities It's a good problem to have, but it's not the solution. Too many options can overwhelm creative minds. That's why it's important to create a few key strategies and stick with them. Before embarking on a big marketing project, you can narrow your focus to a few areas of expertise and think about the most creative ways to communicate.
  2. Too Little Time Creativity comes at a cost, so it's important to allocate sufficient time to it. Even with this in mind, not every campaign will make it to the finish line. Some campaigns will have to be dropped, and the ones that are successful may have had to become smaller and shorter in order to make room for the campaigns that didn't pan out.

How to Boost Creativity in Your Marketing

  1. Avoid typical patterns. If your marketing messages and campaigns look like other businesses', you're not going to stand out. You might find that your customers are buying the same type of product that you are, because they don't see you as a unique place to do business. To stand out, find trends and use them to create some of your marketing materials. 
  2. Use color in different ways. Instead of using color in uniform ways, use it in creative ways. For instance, instead of using light blue, you can use dark blue. Color can help you put a personal touch on your campaigns. For instance, use a bright red to welcome people to a sale or direct them to your social media pages. If you haven't already tried this tactic, your customers will love you for it! 
  3. Keep things simple.


The world is full of creative thinkers and innovative marketers. You don't have to be one of them to build a successful marketing strategy. However, when you adopt some of these strategies, you'll find yourself more prepared than ever to use creativity to your advantage.