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5 Ideas for December Global Holidays Social Media Marketing - December global holidays 2021

 Top 5 Ideas Social Media Marketing for December Global Holidays

For social media marketing campaigns, the holidays are a critical time. Because so many people are buying gifts and shopping online at this time of year, your company has the best chance of making a lot of money. Successful social media marketing is one of the most effective ways to increase revenue—platforms like Twitter and Facebook can be an effective and low-cost way to engage your audience and encourage them to buy. Here are a few great ideas for increasing your ecommerce sales this holiday season.

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1. Pose Questions and Distribute Coupons

This method is primarily intended for Facebook, but it can also be used on other platforms. First, ask your followers which product they are most excited to buy from you. You can be inventive and ask additional questions, such as what they would like to give as a gift to others. After you receive the responses, you can provide personalized, one-time-use coupon codes for them to use to get a discount on that specific item. Coupons distributed in this manner are effective because they provide a product or service that the customer would have purchased anyway, and you have provided them with a one-of-a-kind opportunity to do so at a lower cost. This could be one of the quickest ways to increase holiday sales. Try this several times during your busiest hours for the best results.

2. flash sales websites

The flash sales today, as the name implies, occurs quickly and then vanishes. This is a great way to offer sales that are only available for a limited time but allow customers to save a lot of money. Posting on Facebook and Twitter with a link to a product and a brief description informing everyone that the sale is only going to last a few hours is a common example. The post's fleeting feeling is effective at motivating customers to buy right away. These sales are usually exclusive to social media followers, making them part of a small group that can benefit from lower prices for a limited time.

3. Provide Early Access to Discounts

Early access to sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, as well as other busy shopping days leading up to the holidays, is critical. The ability to beat the crowds at these times is a significant selling point. By giving your most loyal customers access to holiday deals a day or two before everyone else, you increase the likelihood that they will complete their purchases and avoid missing out on sold out items during peak times. This is yet another way to make your followers feel special and eager to take advantage of their exclusive access to these deals. Early access will generate revenue during times when customers would otherwise be waiting for sales to begin.

4. Publicize your Posts

This may appear to be the most obvious and common sense marketing strategy, but it is especially important during the holidays. For good reason, sponsored posts are common on all social media platforms. Given the amount of time and money invested in a successful social media presence, it is critical to spread the word about your products to as many people as possible. Paying for things like sponsored posts or promoted tweets is well worth the extra money during the holidays, and the potential for large sales numbers increases dramatically this time of year.

5. Encourage Sharing by Using the Correct Hashtags

Because this technique is centered on hashtags, it is best suited for Twitter. Introduce a hashtag related to your product and encourage your followers to start sharing and talking about your company. It is preferable if the hashtags are related to your product rather than a more general hashtag that could be associated with other things. Followers will typically require incentives to spread the word, so provide bonus discounts or coupons to those who start sharing. You may be able to generate sales from the most active followers once a discussion begins and potential customers begin to see discounts. As an added bonus, by engaging with your customers directly, you will strengthen your relationships with them. This can also increase your reach if more people search for the words in the hashtag or come across a related discussion.