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Best Blog Niche Ideas for 2021: Over $10,000 A Month!

 Best Niche Ideas Blog for 2021

I'm going to show you the best blog niche ideas for 2021. I'm going to show you a niche that has a really good potential to generate over $10,000 per month in recurring revenue completely passively.

So in today's article, I'm going to reveal the niche to you, as well as show you exactly how to make money in this niche using a couple of different methods. I'm also going to give you keywords that you can start using for this niche right away to succeed in this niche, and I'm also going to give you examples of real-life websites that are crushing it in this niche.

best blog niche for affiliate marketing

Those websites were started by individual bloggers, such as mom and dad bloggers or single person bloggers; they are not corporate websites, so absolutely anyone watching this right now, if you're watching this, you can start a website in this niche and succeed. The niche that I want to talk to you about today is pets, specifically dogs. Here is an example of a single website that we will discuss today: canineweekly (best source for great reviews on breeds, tips and care, best blog niche for affiliate marketing).

canineweekly For example, a company that manufactures dog food. This is run by normal everyday people, so there are Forest Weber and Megan Malone. You can see their photos here. They do have a couple of contributing writers. There is also Brian Selling, the founder of the website. This is a similar structure to what we are doing with some of our websites. For example, there are several of us. There are two families that have sort of united and we've now got about 10 writers who are writing for us.

So this is absolutely something that you guys can do to start a website in this niche and eventually once your website is up and running.

That is, they are currently ranking for 132 000 organic keywords, which is fantastic. Their organic traffic is 142 000 visitors per month, but this figure on Ahrefs is usually much lower than the real traffic number, so based on my experience, this is usually three to five times lower than the real number.

So I'd estimate that they receive between 500,000 and 600,000 page views per month. If you look at any of their content, you'll notice that they monetize it with mediavine ads. So there's an ad here, and another at the bottom. These are mediavine advertisements. In general, mediavine ads pay around $20 per 1000 visitors in most niches. In my experience, that is the bare minimum. If we try to calculate just to get an idea, I'd say they're wrong.

If they get five hundred thousand page views per month, we divide that by one thousand, multiply it by twenty, and that is approximately ten thousand dollars per month that this website is making passively just from mediavine uh revenue now.

Um, I know some of you might say that getting twenty dollars per thousand visitors from ads is difficult or impossible, but you can look at some mediavine income reports and see that it is absolutely possible because display ads have started paying a lot more recently, even with Google AdSense.

Now, mediavine, which you recognize because of this logo here, generally pays more than Google AdSense, so you can absolutely make a lot of money through display ads. The other thing that this website does in their uh other revenue stream, and there's a very good chance that they're making even more than $10,000 from this other revenue stream, is best blog niche for affiliate marketing, so they have a lot of guides like 10 best organic dog foods for 2021 and they're recommending a lot of different types of foods.

You can understand more about the best areas where you can earn tens of thousands by blogging after watching this video: