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When Inflation Rises, Warren Buffett Recommends Investing in These Stocks

 According to Warren Buffett, the best business firm to own when inflation rises is an investment (USA, Uk, India, etc)

On Wall Street, the country's high inflation rates have become a major issue, but thankfully for average investors, Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett has plenty of experience managing such a situation.

In the 1970s, Buffett maintained a stock portfolio through double-digit inflation rates, and he has lots of advise on what to buy when prices rise.

Buffett emphasised two qualities that make a corporation well adapted to an inflationary climate in a 1981 letter to Berkshire shareholders:

  1. the ability to readily raise prices.
  2. the ability to take on additional business without needing to spend a lot of money.

Invest in asset-light enterprises with pricing power, in other words, People are leaving their jobs in record numbers. Here's what some of them are doing next:

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best investments for inflation 2021

The Best Type Of Business To Own When Inflation Spikes

What Is The Best Type Of Business To Own When Inflation Spikes?

Best investments for inflation protection: Let's take a brief look at three businesses that match the bill. "One or all" of these might be worth investing your hard-earned cash in:

Apple (AAPL)

Apple's premium-priced hardware is becoming more popular around the world, as are acceptance rates for its high-margin Apple services.

Strong brand identity, user friendliness, and a wide range of fully integrated goods are all powerful traits that are unlikely to fade away anytime soon.

Customers just cannot afford to leave the Apple ecosystem. As inflation rises, the IT giant will have more flexibility in pricing.

The company's latest M1 chips, which will progressively replace Intel's CPUs in every Mac, demonstrate its dedication to continuous innovation.

It is apparent that Apple can pass on increased prices to a global consumer base without a major drop in sales volumes.

For excellent reason, Warren Buffett has enabled Apple to expand to 40% of Berkshire Hathaway's investment portfolio: the company consistently grows profits during all economic cycles.

Apple is currently trading at about $150 per share, up approximately 13% year to date. However, if you're on the fence about joining at this time, certain apps may offer you a free share of Apple just for signing up.


Levi Strauss, a world leader in the denim industry, has recently been firing on all cylinders.

Management has been able to boost the top line without surrendering pricing power thanks to its well-known brand and flexible business style.

Revenue climbed 41% in the most recent quarter, while adjusted gross margin increased 390 basis points to 57.5 percent.

In fact, in 2020, management began aggressively adjusting its pricing for inflation.

Raw materials are also sourced from 24 other countries. And because of this supply chain variety, Levi Strauss has lots of flexibility during times of crisis. Levi stock is up more than 30% in 2021.

Nike (NKE)

Nike is a global footwear powerhouse with a strong customer following.

Customers are eager to spend top cash for high-profile athletes' signature apparel, such as LeBron James and Michael Jordan.

Despite inflationary pressures, Nike continues to grow gross margins and generate strong returns on equity of more than 30%.

In an increasingly digitised, direct-to-consumer business strategy, the corporation is also capturing the full price of its items.

Digital sales are expected to expand from 20% of revenue today to over 40% of the firm by 2025, according to management. And price hikes might begin as soon as next year.

Surprisingly, profit margins may continue to grow even when operational costs rise in line with inflation. So far in 2021, Nike stock has gained nearly 19 percent.

Stocks to buy and hold indefinitely

"What is Forever investment?" Warren Buffett has stated that his prefered holding term is indefinite.

However, forever is a long time, and since firms rise and fall, never selling a share may not be the ideal plan for expanding your wealth.

However, there may be one inflation safe haven worth investing in indefinitely: farmland in the United States.

People must eat regardless of how high or rapidly consumer prices rise. And it just so happens that Buffett's good friend Bill Gates owns the most acreage in the United States.

New platforms now allow you to participate in a farm of your choice in the United States. This also applies to the rest of the world, such as the United Kingdom, China, and India, etc.

The leasing payments and crop sales will provide you with cash. On top of that, any long-term appreciation will be beneficial to you.