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How to Create a New Free Blogger Website In 2022 Beginner - create a blog to make money

How to Create a Free Website With Blogspot ""

Many individuals think that it is trying to find the way to make an individual site, however after only a couple of moments of exploration on the web, you can have your own personal blog ready for action instantly. This article will tell the best way to make a free site with Blogger, otherwise called Blogspot

I'll even show you how you can make an expert looking website with Blogger and get a free space also. Making a Blogspot website is just about as simple as making your Google Account. how to create a blog and make money free?

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Steps to create an integrated website on Blogger (create a blog to make money)

Make your Google Account to make a free site with Blogspot. This is on the grounds that Google claims Blogger. Here is a bit by bit manual for building a free site with Blogger..

1. Make a Blog With Blogger (Blogspot.Com) 

For one thing, you really want to make a Google Account in the event that you don't as of now have it. In the event that you do, go to and enter your Google Account subtleties to gain admittance to each of the free instruments that Google offers. 

You should see this page whenever you are signed into Google's Blogger site. The principal main job is to make a blog with a name that addresses you best.

2. Introduce a Theme on Your Free Blogger Website 

After you have made your blog with the area name of "EXAMPLE.Blogspot.Com", click on "Subject" on the left half of your Blogger dashboard. Pick a Blogger layout currently accessible for you. In any case, I wouldn't agree I like it ordinarily. 

Thus, I'll browse probably the most favorable to looking free Blogger layouts. You can do likewise and download a topic for your free Blogger site and transfer it. This is the way you do it: 
  • Download one of these free Blogger topics
  • Go to the 'Topic' area. 
  • Snap on the down bolt to one side of the 'Redo' button. 
  • Decide to go for 'Reestablish.' 
  • Also, transfer the topic you have chosen for your blog.

What's more, you can tweak any subject by tapping on the 'Redo' button. I have picked the 'Polar' subject for this demo. Yet, you can pick a Blogger layout relying upon your specialty. 

3. Change Logo and Favicon on Blogger 

The default logo will be that of Blogger, obviously. Presently you really want to transfer your logo and Favicon to make your free Blogger webpage look master. To do this
  • Go to 'Format' from the dashboard and snap on the 'Change Cover' button in the blog dashboard left sidebar.
  • Pick a blog cover from Blogger formats that.
  • Transfer Logo in the 'Cover picture' segment. 
  • For transferring your Favicon, 
  • Go to 'Settings' from the left bar.
  • Look down a little and pick 'Favicon.' 
  • Pick a record and 'Save' your Favicon.

But how will you design your favorite logo and icon?
Canva is the best choice for designing everything. It offers many professional features, high accuracy, very excellent quality, and many advantages. It is based on designing logos, images, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and many sizes and designs, as well as images for blogs.

  • Find the size of your logo. 
  • Go to Canva
  • Snap on 'Make a Design' and pick the custom size. 

What's more, begin planning your logo or Favicon for nothing with huge loads of Canva highlights. You can utilize free plan components to formats and the sky is the limit from there, and Canva is a helpful planning apparatus for non-originators. 

4. Add Posts and Featured Images on Blogger 

Since your free site with Blogger is ready for action begin making content on it. Add posts and highlighted pictures. 

For alluring photographs, you can again go to Canva to make free pictures. Notwithstanding, it has premium designs for expanded highlights also. 

Here's the manner by which you add included pictures to your posts:
  • Go to the 'Post' area in the left segment of your Blogger dashboard. 
  • Snap on 'Add New.' And it will appear as though this: So pick quite a few important pictures for your blog entry or use Canva to make one for nothing. Also, pick the proper picture size for your post thumbnail by going to 'Settings' and afterward 'Post Settings.'

5. Make the Menu in Blogger 

You want to apply some design to your free Blogger website on the off chance that you haven't done as such as of now. What's more, the most ideal way is to make a menu for your site. 

Snap on 'Format' in the left sidebar and pick 'Add a Gadget.' Scroll down until you see this part: 

Pick 'Menu' and drag it. Roll out an improvement or two, and you're all set. That is that it is so natural to make a menu on your free site with Blogspot. 

6. Add Social Links in Blogger 

As your free blog with Blogger comes to fruition, the following inescapable thing to do is add web-based media sharing buttons. It will make your social verification and increment trust among your perusers. 

You'll likewise begin helping your online media presence. For adding social connects to your free site with Blogger, 
  • Snap on 'Design' and pick 'Add a Gadget on the left sidebar. 
  • Look down as far as possible and pick 'HTML/Javascript.' 
  • Add your online media joins. 

You can likewise utilize Canva to plan your own online media symbols free of charge. Or on the other hand you can download a portion of the sans copyright symbols also. The subject I have decided for this model as of now has web-based media symbols, so I don't have to make them. 

7. Make Important Pages (Privacy Policy and Terms of Use) 

Since your free site is planned, it's an ideal opportunity to make reference to insights concerning you, your protection strategy, and your terms of utilization. These are the disclaimers that individuals will need to peruse before they begin utilizing your substance. 

These pages are vital for handle legitimate issues and assist with ordering your site on web indexes like Google. You can compose these pages yourself, however at that point it will require some investment and information. 

So why not utilize my free H-Supertools! Here's the way you do it: 
You have just created a privacy policy page for your website for free. Do the same if you want to create a Terms of Use page. Use the free terms and conditions generator to create a terms page for your site.

8. Construct the About and Contact Pages in Blogger 

Since you've included the essential pages your free Blogger site, it's an ideal opportunity to add more insight concerning yourself and your organization. This is the means by which you add any page on Blogger: 
  • Go to 'Pages' in the left menu 
  • Snap New Page 
  • Enter a page title (About and Contact in this occasion) 
  • Add the important data 
  • Snap Save, Preview page, or Publish in the upper right of the dashboard 

You can make a contact page similarly. In any case, you might have to add a 'Contact' gadget from the gadget library of Blogger. 

9. Add a Custom Domain to Your Free Blogger Website 

You might need to cut off the'' part from your webpage's URL in case you resemble me. For that, you might need to add a custom space name, and here's the manner by which you do it. 
  • Go to 'Settings' 
  • Snap on 'Custom Domain' 
  • Add your custom space and snap 'Save.' 

Be that as it may, on the off chance that you don't as of now have a space name, you might need to get it from Namecheap. Change the DNS setting as told by the Blogger at the hour of adding your custom space name. 

Bring in Money: Add Affiliate Banner With HTML Code in Blogger 

Up till now, you have made a free webpage with Blogger (create a blog to make money). Congrats on that! In any case, you might need to add subsidiary standards to your site with the goal that you can bring in cash off your free blog. Isn't it marvelous? For that, 
  • Go to your member showcasing project or organization 
  • Duplicate the code of any offshoot flag 
  • Sign in to your Blogger account 
  • Add a gadget anyplace you need the flag to show up 
  • Glue the code of your flag 
  • Also, that is simply it! You have added the subsidiary standard connect to your free Blogspot site.
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You'll begin bringing in cash when you get traffic to your blog. There are many free ways of getting traffic to your blog rapidly.

You can use social media and search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to drive traffic to your website. And you can always use paid ads in Google social search ads.

Be patient and do not rush to make money online (create a blog to make money) and get a lot of traffic, because it takes time to generate a lot of traffic on your blog to make money online.