SocialBee Review: Schedule your social media posts in the fastest time and with the least effort.

 What is SocialBee?

SocialBee, which debuted in 2016, is a feature-rich social media scheduling application.

Their mission was straightforward: to make it simple for businesses to develop through social media.
That meant creating a platform that could manage various social media accounts from a single dashboard and offer current social media scheduling.

SocialBee swiftly caught up to industry leaders (such as Buffer and Hootsuite) and continues to innovate and add new features on a regular basis.

Warning: SocialBee is the greatest dedicated social scheduling tool we've ever tried.

However, the appropriate instrument will be determined by your specific requirements. So, let's take a look at all this platform has to offer so you can make an informed selection.

If you'd prefer to skip ahead and experience it for yourself, simply click the button below to start your free trial.

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Features SocialBee

Let's be honest: there's a lot of social media management software out there that does the same thing.

While there's nothing wrong with tools that are similar, the more pressing question is:

What sets SocialBee apart from the competition?

The following is a list of features that the tool provides to its users and distinguishes it from the competition:

1. Make a Category

SocialBee allows you to create categories for the types of material you share on your social media channels on a regular basis to help you schedule your posts more efficiently.

You can choose whether to share posts once or keep them evergreen when editing or establishing a category. The latter indicates that the post will be automatically scheduled for sharing unless you disable the feature.

This is particularly advantageous if the content you include in the category remains relevant over time.

Import Lists, Import CSVs, and Import Media are all aspects of the application that you may use to upload a list of URLs or media files for scheduling.

After successfully uploading the list of files, you can save them in the proper categories. This way, the tool understands when and how to share them.

To assist populate your content categories, you may also use RSS feeds and your Pocket account.

Finally, any of its browser extensions may be installed to schedule and submit any page you come across with just a few clicks - no need to sign up for an account every time!

2. Setup timetable

SocialBee allows you to configure the publishing schedule for your content categories so that it understands when to post information to your social media profiles.
Content scheduling can be customised.

In the interim, you can let the programme create the calendar for you based on social media scheduling best practises.

You can change the view to calendar or list from here, depending on your preferences.

Over time, you'll need to tweak the calendar to match the periods when your followers are most engaged with your social media posts. There will be more on this later.

3. Audience

You might want to find out who is following your top competitors on social media and try to get into their good graces to assist you grow your social media following.

You can enter their social media profiles to extract the best followers each one has using SocialBee's Audience capabilities.
Features of the SocialBee audience

From here, read each follower's bio or profile, or click on the link to view their feed. This should give you a better notion of whether or not you should follow the individual.

You can also use SocialBee to follow people based on their interests.

Let's imagine you already have a significant number of followers and want to purge your list of suspects.

To assist you divide down your audience, SocialBee allows you to identify followers based on several parameters.

If you have followers who don't have an avatar (or who use the default egg photo as their Twitter profile picture), it's a clue that the account is spam. To keep your account safe, you can add them to your blacklist.

On Twitter, you can also see who isn't following you back. This is a good time to check in with them and see if you can get them to interact with you on the platform.
Features of the Workplace

If you're working with a group in your company or agency, you may add users to your account and assign them responsibilities and rights.

4. Features of the Workplace

This boosts team productivity because everyone can collaborate on which posts to publish and when in one central location.

You can choose a publisher who will have the authority to approve or reject posts published by your contributors.

He or she can put comments on disapproved postings to instruct contributors on how to write them appropriately.

As a manager, your job is to keep an eye on the process and make sure everything is working well.

This allows you to look at the larger picture, starting with the performance of your campaigns over time.

5. Reports and analytics

In order to help you build your business on various social media platforms, you need to know whether or not your approach worked.

To do so, look at basic metrics that determine the success (or lack thereof) of your campaign to see which approaches succeeded and why.

The Analytics dashboard in SocialBee displays the information you need to understand how your social media plan performed.

From here, you can observe how your audience has grown since you started using our tool to manage social media.

Check out the top-performing pages based on how many people engaged with them to get a better sense of your progress.

You can learn how to better your campaigns in the next months by analysing the data from your analytics.

Review the stats once you've finished your forthcoming campaign to determine if you got improved results.

You may rinse and repeat the procedure to assist you measure and scale your social media management strategy by simply referring to the data obtained by the analytics.

6. Services provided by a concierge

The concierge services provided by SocialBee are arguably the most unique aspect of the company.

SocialBee's in-house staff can assist you if you're a solopreneur and need help developing a social media marketing plan and campaign.

On the other end of the line, they have social media specialists, content writers, community managers, and other experts ready to take your requests.

Keep in mind that you'll have to pay extra for these services on top of your membership.

The cost varies depending on the sort of service you require, so make sure you budget for these services on a regular basis.

Pricing for SocialBee

All plans come with a 14-day free trial so you can try it out before committing to one of the paying subscriptions.

There's also a 30-day money-back guarantee if you're unsatisfied.

These provisions safeguard you as a customer and urge you to at least try out the tool.

You can post to the same social media profiles on all subscriptions (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google My Business). Each, however, caters to a specific user.

A brief summary of each plan follows:
  • Bootstrap ($19/month) includes one workspace, one user (per workspace), five social profiles, ten content categories, ten RSS feeds, and 1,000 articles per category.
  • Accelerate ($39/month) comes with one workspace, one user (per workspace), ten social accounts, 50 content categories, 50 RSS feeds, and 5,000 posts per category.
  • Pro ($79/month) includes 5 workspaces, 3 users per workspace, 25 social profiles, limitless content categories and RSS feeds, and 5,000 posts per category.


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