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H-supertools' Free Email Address Validator (email marketing tools)

Email marketing can provide a 122% return on investment. Yes, you can do that, but only if your email list is clean and deliverable. The Email Validator, our free bulk email validation tool, allows you to validate your email addresses in seconds.

On H-Supertools, we get massive traffic that is sometimes unrecognizable. It indicates the presence of spiders or bots. As a result, we have limited the use of some of our tools, including the bulk email verifier. As a result, you must create an H-Supertools account.


We've also added a few more options so you can keep using our tool. If you're unfamiliar with the concept of email validation, we'll explain it on this page. Is that correct? Let's get this party started right away.


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What exactly is bulk email verification?

Have you ever wanted to send an email but received an error message saying it was undeliverable? Perhaps the email address is incorrectly formatted, or it does not exist at all! Or there could be another issue as well.

Email validation ensures that email addresses are correct, secure, and deliverable. Our bulk email verification tool determines whether or not the emails exist and are correct. However, it does not reveal who is behind the email. It could be a bot or a human.

However, it confirms whether or not you should send an email to the relevant addresses. It also informs you of the role that is associated with an email address. For example, if you enter "admin" at, you will get the following result:


What exactly is a bulk email verifier?

The Bulk Email Validator is a free tool for validating an email address list. It verifies whether or not your email list is clean. It also allows you to determine whether your email list contains deliverable and safe addresses. You can, however, verify up to 20 email addresses at once.

You can also bulk validate up to 200 email addresses per day. It is also necessary to create an H-Supertools account. We have set these settings to avoid spammers so that you can continue to use our tool for free without issue.


Reasons to Validate Your Email List in Bulk

Check your email addresses twice before starting any email marketing campaign. Why? Non-validated emails may be perceived as spammy, resulting in a negative reputation for your company. It will also waste your time and resources. Let's take a look at the top benefits of validating your email list.


Increased Reputation and Lower Bounce Rate

Most marketing experts consider a bounce rate of less than 2% acceptable. High bounce rates may cause your emails to be rejected by internet service providers, which is extremely damaging to the image of your brand. Validating your email list improves your reputation and lowers your email address' bounce rate.


Emailing is inexpensive.

Sending emails to invalid addresses is a waste of time and money. Even if you do your own email marketing, validating your emails will save you time and money. Increased deliverability reduces the amount of work required to maintain mailing lists and databases.


increased the ROI of email marketing.

Don't waste your time or money on unproductive leads. Emails that are ineffective will never result in sales. Bulk email address validation ensures that you are dealing with a real person. Open rates boost revenue, brand awareness, and conversion rates.


Increased Accuracy in Marketing Statistics

If you have invalid emails, it is impossible to accurately evaluate the efficacy of your email campaigns. They make determining the effectiveness of your campaigns difficult. The Bulk Email Validator from H-Supertools is fantastic for cleaning up your list.


See how our bulk email validator functions.

The bulk email validation tool collects email addresses that have been validated by an algorithm. Assume you've entered 10 email addresses into the tool to get an idea of how it works. The algorithm will check to see if there are any characters that have no meaning. But here's how it works for you:

  • Access your H-Supertools account here.
  • Return to Bulk Email Validator.
  • Fill in up to 20 email addresses in the tool.
  • Wait while you click 'Validate Emails.'
  • Validation begins right away.


After a few seconds, you'll know the status of all the email addresses' validation. You can now also copy or export the results. You can also 'Run a New Operation' if you want. The email verifier tool is extremely simple to use and is based on a reliable algorithm.