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10 Tips To Explode Your Blog Traffic


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10 Tips To Explode Your Blog Traffic

How do blogs get high traffic?

Because many of my readers are bloggers or are contemplating starting a blog, I thought it would be beneficial to write a lengthy piece outlining the factors that I feel have contributed to the success of my blog and the hundreds of readers that visit it on a daily basis.


The tactics I'm providing here have actually helped expand and monetise my site. However, please keep in mind that blogging isn't a quick money-earning approach. It has taken years of hard work and devotion for myself and all of my blogging buddies to gradually expand our sites, but the tactics I have outlined below will greatly assist!

How to Increase Your Blog Traffic? | in 10 Simple Steps

When you start a blog, you start looking for affirmation. Is anyone else reading this but my mother? Unless you become really lucky, there will only be a few watchers at the start. It is also determined by your social media presence. Views will be easier to come by if you already have a significant following. However, you must have material that people want to view and read about. However, there are several things you can do to increase your traffic. Here are some of the best:


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10 Things To Do On Your Blog To Explode Your Traffic:

#1. Show Your Passion

Find your blogging voice and let it be heard. It's pointless to start a food blog if it's a chore for you. Find your interest and write about it, whether it's pregnancy or being an entrepreneur. People will want to read your work if you are passionate about it.


#2. Utilise Pinterest

Pinterest is a search engine that focuses on images. Pinterest results will appear in Google searches as well, so if you haven't already, get a Pinterest account and start generating some pins to go with your popular content.


If you're stuck for ideas, check out Canva for some ready-made templates.


Once you've figured out what works, try creating your own. Use Pinterest statistics to discover what is performing the best. Do you require more Pinterest assistance? Check out my eBook, Pinterest Magic.



#3. Be Consistent

Being regular and planned does not imply that you must post 5 times per week. It refers to what works best for you. Maybe once a week is all you can handle on a steady basis.


Remember that there are always additional blog chores to be done, such as social media management, behind-the-scenes tech, and email response.


Google loves it when a website or blog is updated on a regular basis and will rank you better as a result.


#4. Participate in Facebook Groups

Join groups that are relevant to your field. When someone poses a question, you may answer it in the comments section as your blog article. The same is true for opinions and services.


You may post a review if you have one.


If you blog about day trips, for example, join local Facebook groups.


You may also join blogging communities to network, share articles, receive feedback, and assist one another.


Keep track of your Facebook groups and promotional days in a spreadsheet.


#5. Set Up & Use Google Analytics

Google Analytics is simple to set up and gives a wealth of data. It will show you your total page views as well as a breakdown of all the sites you have visited.

Your most popular posts will be shown. This gives you an idea of what material is working, what is being searched for, and possibly what you are doing well in terms of SEO.


#6. Start an email list and opt-in

From the start, you could create an electronic mail list for readers to subscribe to your blog. If you’re not sure yet what to write in it, a simple weekly rss feed may be true enough and subscribers will get that and can easily click through to read it. Think about a few freebies (opt-ins) that you can provide. 

As a trendy rule, you could have one predominant freebie after which a few smaller ones put up decide-ins. I use mailer lite for mine. 

It’s free for the first 1000 subscribers and has all you need.


#7. Invest in blogging publications

I’m not telling you to spend your last £50 on a course, but if you can afford it and also want to take your blog to the next stage, it’s well worth making an investment. My weblog exploded once I took one of the many types of running a blog courses and carried out their tips. 

I have created my own blogging course that is an amalgamation of all the useful records I have assimilated. You can test it right here. It’s referred to as "running a blog secrets" because it’s all my secrets rolled into one course!

#8. Re-purpose your antique content

That website put up that always does well? You can re-cause it! 

Consider some other topics that may be responded to in a new submit, Instagram post, Facebook put up, video, igtv, YouTube video, or snapchat? Possibly it needs an update? Make it more extensive, longer and with some special formats in it. Can or not it be made into an infographic? Make a statement about putting it up or consider starting a chain.

#9. Have a promotion agenda?

After you’ve hit publish, have a list of advertising responsibilities and schedule all of your merchandising for that post, taking note of including it in your evergreen promotion if applicable. I take advantage of tailwind for Pinterest to schedule all my institution's forums, private forums, and tribes, then I add it to my social bee time table for Facebook and Twitter, and then I upload numerous tweets to buffer. 

I also scheduled an Instagram post and put a hyperlink in my testimonies. Wherever possible, I schedule it to FB companies or add it to my promo listing for that week.

#10. Every SEO submission

You can print it all out and research key phrases, planning your post around them, but if that seems like a lot of work, start small. Set up the yoast plugin, and comply with the analysis to get a green mildew. Make sure that all of your images have appropriate titles and an alt description. 

Consider the name of your blog and your URL. Point out your key word in the first paragraph. Have you ever claimed your internet site at the Google seek console? Begin with the first few points and then you can cross more intensively.

There is lots more you can do, but if you begin with these 10 things, your blog will quickly start to explode!