Set Attainable Goals In 2022 - 5 SMART Goals


Set attainable goals for yourself in 2022.

Gemma Good has some advice for those making New Year's resolutions in her column, The Good Life this week...

Set a Goal for Every Month of 2022. Here's How

I'm happy to report that I had a wonderful Christmas at home with my family. I was worried I wouldn't make it home after a completely unnecessary (but oh-so-worthwhile) trip to Edinburgh last week. To be honest, I think I imagined the worst-case scenarios: that the restrictions would change, my COVID test result would be positive, or the busy airport would cause me to miss my flight home.


In case you're wondering, all I did was schedule a PCR Fit to Fly test with Express Test (there were no antigen test appointments available). I was tested the day before I left at 12 p.m., and the results were returned the next day at the same time. I completed a passenger locator form and uploaded my vaccination proof. Tests alone for the trip cost around €105, so keep this in mind before you book anything.


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Also, do some homework on tours and restaurants, since I discovered that many venues were already booked. Despite the fact that I had nothing planned, I had a fantastic time. At the Christmas markets, German sausages, churros, crepes, stews, fish, small pancakes, chips on sticks, a big sweet booth, and moonshine were all available at the Christmas markets. I was eager to attempt this because "Moonshiners," a Discovery Channel documentary about the lives of those who create moonshine, was often on when I was younger. I tried the apple and spice one and was furious that I couldn't bring some home with me in my carry-on.


The Edinburgh Gin Festival was also in full swing, with live music and a variety of gin infusions to sample, including a warm G&T, which I heartily suggest.


I got home on Wednesday night and spent Thursday finishing off my Christmas shopping. For Christmas, I gave several of my pals tickets to the Ulster versus Munster game at Thomond Park in January. As many of the females from college are from Munster, I wanted a few individuals in my corner wearing the red and white jersey. We had planned a night out in the city following that, and we were certainly going to Flannery's. However, owing to COVID limits, the game was canceled, leaving me with the chore of finding other Christmas presents. I like to spend money on experiences rather than physical gifts since I believe you will remember them more. Anyway, I think I figured everything out!


Christmas Day unfolded like it always does. We unwrapped gifts and prepared enough food to feed the whole country of Ireland. I spent the day binge-watching Emily in Paris season two, only pausing to watch Mrs. Brown's Boys Christmas Special. Normally, I find Christmas to be fairly dull, but this year it was very pleasant to have everyone in the same room at the same time.


And just like that, it's that time of year when no one knows what to do with themselves. Typically, this is when people complain about calories, all of their "sins" during Christmas, the amount of booze they've drunk, and how their New Year's plans will make up for it all. I despise all of the "new year, new me" posts. Instead, I would counsel folks to create attainable objectives. I knew that in my house, all the "junk" (sweets, crisps, chocolate, and so on) would be thrown out in the New Year. We'll be out strolling every evening in our high-visibility jackets, and no one will be able to stop us (for at least three weeks anyway).


I once saw an analogy about cleaning your teeth that really stayed with me. You clean your teeth twice a day for two minutes. It takes a little time and effort, but if you stay with it, your teeth will be in good shape. When establishing a resolve, remember that little daily routines, such as cleaning your teeth, will yield the intended outcomes.


I wish everybody all the best for 2022!

The 5 SMART Goals Your Should Set For 2022

Setting objectives for 2022:

  • Begin by revising your résumé.
  • Next, decide how many jobs you wish to apply for.
  • Keep going! Expand your horizons.
  • Make a larger circle.
  • Consider your future.


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