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The 10 Most Important Future University Majors For 2030

 The Most Important Future University Majors For 2030

There is no doubt that the faculties of human medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and engineering of all kinds are among the most prestigious faculties, without which people would not have reached such progress today in various medical, technical, engineering fields, etc. But what about the new university majors, and what are the most important future jobs for students who have finished high school, and for whom will the future be?

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In this blog, we monitor for you a list of the most important university majors, which we relied on several sources, the most important of which are:
  • American Forbes magazine
  • The World Economic Forum
  • CNN channel
American university reports for the year 2022

What majors will be in-demand in the future?

1- E-Marketing or Digital Marketing

In 2020, e- or network marketing is dominating everything in our digital and social lives - we live in a world full of ads that have become a tax to download any app! With a significant expansion in marketing operations in all fields and services and at the level of all countries of the Western and Arab world

It also ranks e-marketing as one of the strongest and most important future disciplines, especially for students who have creative and cognitive thought and students who have marketing and creative ideas, so what will e-marketing be like in 2030!!

Specialty Jobs:
  • Business management.
  • Create and manage marketing content.
  • Electronic selling.
  • Email Marketer.
  • Media adviser.
  • Advertising Officer.

2- Cyber security

An engineering specialty that has grown in importance in recent years, due to the huge amount of data that is analyzed and downloaded every second! Given the companies’ need for data analysis and cybersecurity at the same time, and at a time when security concerns dominate, the security bill increases and even wars have become part of them electronic and database wars.

Specialty Jobs:
  • Data collection and analysis.
  • online marketing.
  • Database developer.
  • Training the company's staff on new systems and software.
  • Improving system efficiency and performance.

3- Software Engineering

It is one of the engineering disciplines that has developed recently in a remarkable way and branched into many software disciplines such as – electronics programming and application programming – and it is sufficient for you to know that the world carried more than 200 billion applications for the year 2020, hence the importance of this specialization in terms of the speed of spread and the increasing demand for it and it is expected that demand will increase To specialize in programming very significantly during the coming years up to 2030.

Specialty Jobs:
  • Systems engineer.
  • Data analyst.
  • Systems developer or designer.
  • programs developer.
  • Software maintenance engineer.

4- Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical engineering is one of the most recent sciences that has mixed engineering and medicine at all, and has appeared in parallel with the qualitative leap that the medical sector has witnessed in general in recent years.

And entered the specialty, starting with modern medical devices responsible for diagnosis, treatment and patient monitoring. It was necessary to have specialized engineers to supervise these medical tools in hospitals and even institutions responsible for the manufacture of prosthetic limbs.

Specialty Jobs:
  • Engineering duties jobs required by medical care units in hospitals.
  • Specialists in designing and manufacturing medical devices and their various accessories.
  • experts in physiotherapy centers.
  • Engineers for the production of prosthetic units and medical devices.
  • Work in medical research centers.
  • Work in universities that develop medical devices and analyze biological and health problems.

5- Renewable and Alternative Energy

It is one of the disciplines with a great future in the labor market, thanks to the tremendous technological development that the world is witnessing in 2020, alternative and renewable energy has become a source of great interest to many developed and developing countries, and that

To ensure the continuity of energy sources in light of the problems witnessed by the oil sector, for example, as the specialization links many branches of engineering to each other, and it is considered one of the easy-to-study specializations for those who have a passion for the environment and its natural sources of energy - in 2030, this specialization may become the preoccupation of the world with the demise of energy sources!

Specialty Jobs:
  • Engineering consulting firms.
  • General contracting companies and renewable energy projects.
  • Energy and its investments.
  • Scientific and research laboratories for energy.
  • Solar and electromagnetic power plants.
  • Digital Electronics and Thermodynamics.

6- Virtual Reality

It is a specialization that aims to build interactive computer databases and transfer them from reality to the virtual world and works to establish smart simulation environments using information technology systems. Building virtual reality for many institutions, applications and services has become one of the things that people rely on to facilitate their lives, starting with virtual reality glasses through virtual headphones And not ending it with scientific, digital and virtual astronomical experiments.

Specialty Jobs:
  • Computer graphics designer.
  • Designer of static, animation and interactive graphics.
  • Virtual reality systems designer.
  • Smart electronic games designer.
  • Developer of virtual or augmented reality programs.


From universities in one world with three dimensions in space, time and teaching methods to universities with virtual worlds and various, modern and advanced dimensions outside the classroom spaces in software and electronic ways and methods - dimensions that move quickly away from the method of indoctrination and memorization - interactive lectures with various students around the world - new laws And accelerated - and an exceptional openness to the world. Distance education, especially today, in light of the outbreak of the Corona epidemic, has become a priority for academic institutions and countries around the world.

Specialty Jobs:
  • Academic and educational advising at a distance.
  • Remote academic and teaching jobs.
  • Distance learning tools engineer.
  • Lecturer and researcher in distance education.

8- 3D Printing

One of the most important new disciplines with a big future - it has become widely used in various medical, industrial and engineering fields and in the fields of design, and this specialty entered strongly, especially in the Arab countries and the Gulf countries in particular, where some countries were able to build complete buildings with 3D printing technology and took the percentage of data for employment growth over the last 5 years.

Specialty Jobs:
  • E-Marketing.
  • Engineers in industry.
  • Commercial and industrial design.
  • Software developers.
  • Engineers in the field of mechanics.

9- Business Administration

One of the most important disciplines that became famous at the end of the nineties and flourished strongly in the millenniums, and we reached the year 2020, the specialization of business administration reached its peak in terms of strength, spread and various fields of employment in major companies around the world.

Specialty Jobs:
  • General manager or executive.
  • Project Coordinator.
  • Administrative Programs Coordinator.
  • Department General Manager.
  • Purchasing Manager, Logistics Support and more.

10- Mechatronics

A specialization that combines the three branches of engineering.

Mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer engineering and electronics, and this specialty is developing amazingly and almost daily!

This field of engineering includes the design of any product whose work depends on the integration of mechanical and electronic systems, as it plays the role of coordinator among them and the development of a control system.

Specialty Jobs:
    • car engineering.
    • Automatic equipment engineering.
    • Computer control systems.
    • Computer engineering, designing mechanisms such as computer disks.
    • Systems in artificial intelligence techniques.
    • Mechatronics as a new vehicle management language.
    • Techniques of control systems and accurate diagnosis.