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How To Get 1 Million Visitors To Your Blog - blog traffic

How To Get 1M Visitors To Your Blog (How To Increase Blog Traffic)

People who are new to blogging are always looking for how to get traffic.

 How do I get more visits to my blog?

Many bloggers today dream that their blogs’ visits reach a million views, publish their content and profit from it. their.

I have previously worked in many fields of blogging and today I own many of my blogs, but when I started blogging, I created a blog on Blogger and worked on it for 5 months and it started to rise and appear in search engines without any advertisement. I relied on improving search engines and keywords and then I created a blog on WordPress and started working on it and here the work doubled because I was writing in my blog I did not give up and continued to write content and after I became proficient in this work, the work became easy and fun and today I own about ten blogs.

Any blogger can reach a million views by providing meaningful and understandable content to people and search engines.

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In short, make search engines love and understand your content!?

Always ask yourself, I'm a blogger:

How do I write good content on Google loves?

It is not easy, you have to try everything to reach mastery and complete knowledge about SEO.

  1. Do not copy and paste any article on the Internet.
  2. Choose your keywords carefully.
  3. Choose an attractive and eye-catching title.
  4. Don't steal or use the photos on the Internet, but make your own photos (use Canva).

How to increase blog traffic fast?

Gain experience in blogging

 When you start building your city from scratch to success, you will have learned a lot of experiences and ways to write content and master the field of blogging. All you have to do is continue to create content and share it on social media, and then your growth will start, so do not rush!!

If you are going to start from scratch, you should work well on your blog, write correctly and avoid mistakes.
When I started feeling on this blog, I was getting a thousand views per month or less, but I did not stop and did not give up. I continued to publish daily content until I started getting thirty thousand visits per month.

This growth started when I started publishing my content on Twitter for more than 4 months, and then I felt the difference and visitors came to my site across many platforms, especially search engines such as Google and Bing.

Growth Stage

This stage depends on a lot of secrets and methods that can be used to top your blog content.

Focus on the quality of the content that you publish and always develop and modify it. Choose your keywords accurately and try to make these words with a relatively low Monthly Search Volume to be able to compete. As for strong keywords with high monthly searches, the competition is very difficult in the beginning and with the development of time it becomes easier And you can compete for all the words in the future and issue the search results on the first pages.

Use social media to publish your content such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others..
Social media boosts Google's trust in your content and thus brings in more traffic.

Follow people who post meaningful content on social media, share your experiences, and have them take a look at your content.

I love to share my content on Twitter. I know that many of you do not prefer to post on social media and think that it does not work, but in fact, there have been about 500,000 monthly visits from Twitter recently, so this is something worthwhile!

5 Blogging Mistakes to Avoid

What are the most common mistakes bloggers make?
Here are the 5 common mistakes most bloggers make:
  • Not writing in a clear manner.
  • Does not write constantly.
  • Do not write long content.
  • Not capturing potential customers on your blog.
  • Thinking that every blog post will go viral.


Never give up, you must always publish meaningful and distinctive content. Continue in order to achieve your dream.

Getting millions of visits takes effort, work and love for this work. If you are looking for profit at the beginning of your blog creation and do not tire yourself!?
Because you won't win anything
You must work and strive to get real profits, so do not be surprised at all, there are people who have made more than 100,000 dollars a month from blogging...


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