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5 ways to write plagiarism free content for your website


5 Tips to write plagiarism free content for your website

Why should you avoid plagiarism?

Plagiarism is the use of someone’s work or information without permission. We can simply say that plagiarism is the process of copy-pasting. Plagiarism can be done by students in their assignments and thesis while sometimes it can also be done by professional writers.

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There are many types of plagiarism. Global plagiarism refers to the copy of the entire text. Mosaic plagiarism means picking lines from a given text. While self-plagiarism means to copy or recycle your own written material.

 5 ways to write plagiarism free content

It is important to give credit to the source of text and to write entirely new content. There are many ways from which a writer can create fresh content. Out of all the available methods the main five are discussed below:

1. Research

To write SEO-optimized and original content, research is the most important factor. Whenever you start writing on a topic it is important to collect information on it. There are many other websites and blogs from which you can take the information. It is called secondary sourcing.

From the already available material on the internet pick up the main points of the topic. Write different articles on the topic. From these articles, you can also collect keywords for your topic.

After collecting keywords and information you will be able to reproduce it. But providing additional information is also important. Moreover, try to improve your article with every new information. It will prevent you from copyright issues.

2. Paraphrasing

Paraphrasing is the process of writing a text into your own words. Through paraphrasing, a person can make its content secure from copyright issues. It can be done in many ways.

Manually paraphrasing can be done by some simple steps. First of all, read the article or source 2 to 3 times. Pick up the main idea from the text. Then write it into your own words. Then write the source of the text.

There are also many tools available on the internet that can do paraphrasing. These tools may or may not be paid. Paraphrasing tools not only give us new content but also check for grammatical mistakes and plagiarism.

You can use free paraphrasing tool for the purpose of your work. Many paraphrasing tools are available on Google free of charge.

3. Resource tracking

Sometimes you may read thousands of articles and blogs to collect information. You may also add points from these blogs. But you can confuse the sources at the time of reference.

Keeping track of your information is the most important point to follow. Whenever you choose articles for your research always write them. By keeping the record you will be able to provide the credit.

You can also make your work easy by providing a link at the end of every paragraph. So whenever you finalize your content you can directly reach its resource.

4. Hyperlinks

Plagiarism can decrease the credibility of your work. But writing fully new content is also difficult for new writers. So providing links in your text can help you a lot with your material.

Whenever you search from different sources you can provide links to blogs or of the websites in your content. From these links, the reader can directly approach the sources.

These links will help the reader in gaining extra knowledge from the original resources. It will also make the reader aware of your website. And every time the reader will visit your website for extra information.

Hyperlinks will make your website content SEO optimized. It will increase your credibility in the eyes of readers and will also boost up your page views. Moreover, the reader can verify your material from the hyperlinks.

5. Referencing

During writing, you may add quotes directly to your content. Sometimes you can do paraphrasing of the text while sometimes you cannot change the wording. At this point, you add the quote directly.

Adding a quote or line directly to your website content can claim the credibility of your material. At this point citations are important.

Citations can be of two types. You can add text citations to your content immediately after the quotation. This type of citation requires the author’s name and date.

You can also provide an entire list of sources at the end of your content. This list is called a bibliography. There are many citation styles. You can choose the citation style depending upon the rules of the website you are following.

By using an online APA citation generator, you can cite the plagiarized content properly to avoid any copyright strike.


To write catchy content and to make a website beneficial, it is important to provide original content. Taking the ideas and information of other people and pasting it on your website can harm your image.

It is important to have o plagiarism-free content. Writing plagiarism-free content is equally important for a student and a professional writer. It helps you with your learning process.

You can write plagiarism-free content by paraphrasing, proper citations, hyperlinks, resource tracking, and research. These ways can protect your professional reputation and can save you from copyright issues.


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