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How do I turn my YouTube channel into a business?

 How do I turn my YouTube channel into a business? My channel has 20 videos uploaded, 15k subscribers, and 2M views. Does it have growth potential, with an average of 700 new subscribers and 80,000+ views per month?

There are two types of YouTube channels. The First type gets money from YouTube Ads, and here you need millions of views to get decent money (see example below), the Second type gets money from affiliate links, shout-out das, selling courses, and in this category, even few thousands of views can generate a decent income.

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I had both types of channels, but the second type is more comfortable for me. You need to accumulate a loyal audience and sell them something worthwhile many times. For example, now I have the channel with 20k subs and 270k views per month with shout-out price of $10k.

Anyway, growing your channel requires a few critical steps. I created a list of 12 to-do's for you, upon implementation of which your channel will show at least 2X growth.

  1. Design. Create an attractive design for your channels home page.
  2. Optimization. For your already uploaded 20 videоs make optimization with VidIQ plugin. Optimize tags, description, title. Try to reach 100 out of 100 points according to VidIQ Score.
  3. Thumbnails. Making super catchy thumbnails is 80-90% of success. Visit TheRichset channel and think why some videos get millions of views and others not. IT'S THUMBNAILS! Fiverr is the best place to find photo editors to make the best pictures ever.
  4. Video length. Do 10 minutes+ videos. They generate 2-3X more income than less than 10 minutes videos.
  5. Promotion. Promote your new videos in the end screens of other videos. It is simple but can boost traffic and activity.
  6. Community tab. Post new videos to the community tab of your channel. This will bring you additionally 1000+ views.
  7. Subscribers. Ask your subscribers questions to answer in comments. Activity in comments is a signal to YouTube to boost your video.
  8. Ask subscribers to share your video.
  9. Be consistent. Try to be consistent within next year. Consistency increases subs loyalty, and as a result, you get more views from YouTube.
  10. Find some help. You can't increase the number of videos per week without the help of video editor, voice actor, scriptwriter, etc. Hire Freelancers. The more videos, the more chances your content will go viral.
  11. Make A/B tests. Try to find out what works and what not. Concentrate on success cases and scale them.
  12. Follow the experts. Update your knowledge, continue asking questions and keep moving on.