Top 5 mobile security apps

 Top 5 mobile security apps

 Keeping your MPV safe from any danger has become a vital need and difficulty today. Mobile phone owners prefer to lose their wallets on their mobile phones. The amount of sensitive data, private instant messages, photos, contacts and passwords we carry on our mobile phones definitely makes it more important than your usual wallet for a real sense of peace of mind. In addition, a skilled attacker does not require physical access to your device to suck the data, due to the much improved hacking technology.

The best full-featured antivirus apps offer top-notch malware detection and neutralization, but also offer a variety of premium anti-theft and protection features. This includes the ability to back up your contacts and other information, track your phone or tablet via GPS, and even take a photo of your jailbroken phone using the device's camera. Also, you should have the option to rescue your valuable data in case of any real damage to your cell phone.

Here is a brief report on 5 portable and infection-resistant security software that you can use to protect your cell phone and keep your sensitive data safe.


Bitdefender's Android security app offers seamless malware protection, minimal execution control, and robust device protection, while uniting Android Wear watches with the anti-theft app.

The anti-malware tool works very well with very fast scanning speeds, and the protection advisory tool lets you know how your apps might be releasing your private data. Bitdefender's anti-theft device is also great value and easy to use. You can lock, search, or erase your device, or trigger an alarm remotely. You can access these tools mainly through the amazing Bitdefender website, they are transparent, fully schematic and easy to use.

Other notable features of this app include an app lock tool and Bitdefender Alarm to help you find your phone and send the app from your wrist, assuming you have an Android Wear watch.

The main drawback is the lack of a call blocking component, which is nothing but a real lack, as there are other apps to handle that, but when it comes to mobile security and anti-theft features, Bitdefender works well.


Norton Portable Security is one of the most versatile, trusted and well-reviewed security applications available today.

Norton comes with a powerful security app that includes an app guide that gives you warnings about apps installed on your device. It can also be added to the Google Play Store, where before installation you browse and learn from Norton's group of people who provide information about security issues and risks that the application may present during installation.

Their malware security hardware works great in a very fast time and with very light assets. It also allows you to strengthen your contacts on the Internet and block unwanted calls on your device by setting up a list of channels. Overall, Norton Versatile Security is a well-balanced security app that offers a large number of features and delivers great results.


Post is another great decision if you are looking for an activity-packed mobile security app for your Android device. It includes malware protection, contact protection, and a privacy advisor for apps installed on your device.

The results are impeccable and the user interface is generally excellent and easy to understand.

One of its most notable features is the 2GB of distributed storage that holds photo and call history backups. It also has a Premium Remote Swipe feature that helps you track your device in the event of a theft. This is why its Signal Flare feature records your phone's space until the battery runs out.


Kaspersky Web Security is once again one of the most versatile anti-theft malware and security applications on the market today. Kaspersky Internet Security for Android component to focus on anti-spam, validation, anti-malware and anti-theft. To control spam, you can create arrangements for senders and guests to disable it. To prevent unwanted people from accessing your phone, you can lock the screen and activate a password. Kaspersky also offers a Safe Browsing option that protects your device from succumbing to malicious websites and websites that undermine your personality.

In addition to protection against mobile device injuries, it is also important to have insurance against theft or theft security risks, and this is where Kaspersky provides a lot of valuable features that can make the phone beep so you can recover it at any time. the time. Moment. point you lose. In cases where your device is not nearby, you can erase and lock your phone. You can also set anti-theft features so that the phone is locked when the SIM card is changed. It is also possible to get the new phone number of the criminal when another SIM appears. Suppose someone tries to uninstall the app without knowing the password, the effort will fall short.

So, whether it's mobile infection protection or theft, Kaspersky Web Security provides an excellent solution and makes it one of the most versatile and unique security applications available. The only drawback is the absence of parental controls and supporting utilities that can be accessed independently of Kaspersky.

5-ESET Mobile Security and Antivirus

From a reputable IT security brand, ESET Antivirus & Mobile Security delivers excellent results in terms of malware and anti-theft locating. It's incredibly well designed, making it simple exactly how each component works and never set back PDAs or banks again. The list of capabilities is valuable and comprehensive. However, there are no parental controls or enhanced utilities.

ESET truly gives you malware protection and security risk protection when paying apps and paid apps.

With cell phones, one of the biggest security risks comes from losing physical control of the device. ESET offers anti-theft features so you can keep track of your area in a directory, get front and back camera previews, and lock or erase your device. It also features a fully lubricated software that does not drain the battery or slow down the device during its extensive use.

5 Best (REALLY FREE) Android Antivirus Apps for 2022

馃1. Norton Mobile Security — Advanced Cybersecurity Protections for Android — 1. Norton Mobile Security — Advanced Cybersecurity Protections for Android.

Are antivirus apps safe?

The people on this list are safe. But it's important to know that scanning for malware requires deep access to the most sensitive parts of your device. Malicious antivirus apps can easily compromise your privacy and security and steal your information.

I have thoroughly tested these apps and they are all legit, safe and work just as promised. Each app comes from a brand that has a good reputation for creating great cyber security products. My top pick, Norton Mobile Security, is produced by a company that has millions of users around the world and decades of experience in the cybersecurity industry.

Why does Android need an antivirus?

Su tel茅fono o tableta Android probablemente contenga datos confidenciales como informaci贸n personal, informaci贸n bancaria, redes sociales, im谩genes y archivos personales, etc. Tambi茅n es un elemento relativamente costoso, lo que atrae a los ladrones.

Y en comparaci贸n con otras plataformas como iOS, Android no es tan seguro como sistema operativo. El sistema operativo Android se destaca por tener toneladas de desarrolladores, codificadores y modders independientes en todo el mundo. Desafortunadamente, esto tambi茅n convierte a Android en un campo de juego para los piratas inform谩ticos.

Ransomware, spyware, software de cryptojacking, aplicaciones de vigilancia y otro malware comprometen a los usuarios de Android todos los d铆as. Los usuarios de Android tambi茅n enfrentan riesgos de sitios de phishing, enlaces smishing e incluso carteristas.

Para mantener su dispositivo a salvo de todas estas amenazas, debe tener un buen antivirus para Android con protecci贸n en tiempo real, protecci贸n web, herramientas antirrobo y otras funciones adicionales. Mi antivirus Android favorito es Norton, pero no es gratis: la aplicaci贸n m贸vil viene con una prueba gratuita de 14 d铆as,...


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