5 Reasons To Use Paraphrasing Tool In Content Marketing

 5 reasons to use paraphrasing tool in content marketing

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Paraphrasing tools are a vital part of content marketing today. So, what makes them an effective marketing-related tool?

Paraphrase tools are a vital element in marketing today. They have become a go-to solution for many people. Now, the reason behind that lies in the first syllable of the two-word expression, i.e., paraphrasing.

The process of paraphrasing is simple, but it has many benefits. In a world where content marketers need to steer clear of plagiarism or duplicity, paraphrasing tools are vital to their arsenal. Since paraphrasing manually can be a hassle, these tools make it a lot easier.

How exactly do they make life easy for a content marketer? There’s only one way to understand why such a tool is used and the nature of paraphrasing needed in content marketing. So, let’s get started. 

Defining Paraphrasing

Paraphrasing is the process of rewriting or changing a text enough to use different words—without altering or deviating from the original meaning. In the academic sense, paraphrasing is done to achieve greater clarity by:

  • Using synonyms

  • Changing phrases

  • Altering the content by changing from passive to active voice or vice versa

Therefore, if something isn’t explained correctly or concisely, paraphrasing helps achieve just that. In the same sense, it’s also used to avoid plagiarism or change content to avoid plagiarism. This is what makes paraphrasing an effective and important element in marketing, academics and businesses.

What are the five reasons for paraphrasing?

5 reasons to use a paraphrasing tool in content marketing

Using paraphrase tools is simple: improving quality and standing out with good content. But, how exactly do you do that? In order to improve your content, it needs to have a few qualities, such as:

  • Specific or exclusive content tone

  • Seamless or straightforward delivery

  • Plagiarism free and original nature

These are some of the traits of good content. Including all this, here are five reasons to use paraphrasing tools in content marketing: 

To Avoid or Remove Plagiarism

Removing plagiarism is not only a necessity; it’s also a responsibility. To make your content eligible for any sort of rank in search engines, you need to ensure its original nature. So, how exactly does a plagiarism checker help with that?

Let’s analyze this paraphrased piece:

If you compare the original text with the paraphrased side, you can notice the changes marked in green. These are the changes that deviate the content from its original form. How does it guarantee to avoid plagiarism?

  • It makes enough changes to deviate from the original

  • It rewrites using synonyms—without altering the meaning

  • Makes it easier for quotes or citations

The final point is perhaps the most important. Mainly because you need to change your content enough to be able to quote or cite it in your blogs or websites. Therefore, if there’s plagiarism in specific texts, then using a paraphraser makes it easier to remove or avoid it. All you’ll have to do after is cite the source. 

To Employ Specific Content Tones

Changing content tones is yet another element that helps you out the most in content creation. You sometimes need to rewrite content to meet specific content tone requirements in content marketing. Now, imagine if you had to manually rewrite hundreds of words.

Now, imagine if you could just pick one of these three options:

It will save a ton of time and help you decide the type of content tone that fits your narrative and requirement the most. This makes it a lot easier for content marketers to try different tones to find the one that fits their brand voice the most.

To Alter or Improve Text Delivery 

Changing or improving the delivery of a text requires one specific element, and that’s changing of content voice. In other words, from active to passive, or vice versa. It all comes down to what you need at the moment and what fits your brand voice or tone.

For instance, passive voice isn’t exactly appreciated in a professional environment. However, many marketing companies and businesses today employ conversationalist marketing tones. Therefore, they are keen on using elements that help their content stand out, such as casual text. 

How does a rewording tool help with this? By changing your content for improved delivery or altered voice. Once again, proving how it can save time and effort for you.

To Make Content Unique & Exclusive 

Content’s uniqueness and exclusive nature will also play a vital role in its success. That’s when a paraphrasing tool is the most important. It can make your content stand out by doing all of the aforementioned aspects, namely:

  • Avoiding plagiarism

  • Removing content tone redundancy

  • Changing or altering the content tone

  • Improving delivery

If your content can have all these traits, then it’s surely going to outperform your competition. 

To Save Time & Money 

Perhaps the most important factor to a content marketer should be this. Using a rephrase tool helps you avoid any sort of delays and also helps you save a lot of money. So, to sum it up, the two main qualities are efficiency and cost-effectiveness. 


These are the reasons you need a paraphrasing tool in the world of content marketing. It can make your life easier by helping you achieve greater content quality and prowess. 


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