CJ Affiliate Ultimate Guide to Commission Junction in 2022

How Does CJ Affiliate Work? 

CJ chapter is an chapter network, which means that it acts as a mediator between advertisers and publishers. Advertisers subscribe up on CJ to promote their products or services, while publishers( like you) subscribe up to CJ to find and join chapter programs to make plutocrat. 


 CJ also tracks the deals or leads generated by the publisher and pays them a commission as per the chapter program's terms. 

The advertiser gets further deals, and the publisher makes plutocrat. So, it's a palm- palm situation for both sides. CJ also takes care of the payments and other specialized details so that both sides can concentrate on their work. 


 Now that you know how CJ works let's know how you can subscribe up and start making plutocrat with it. 

How to Use CJ Affiliate to Start Making plutocrat Online?

 You need to subscribe up for a CJ account to start using the chapter network. And to subscribe up for a CJ account, you must have a website or social media profile with applicable content and an followership from the US or Canada. 


 Please produce an account on CJ's website, complete your operation process, and stay for their blessing. Do not worry; CJ isn't veritably strict about approving operations. 

 Then is how you can do it. 


 Go tocj.com and subscribe up as a publisher. 

 Enter details like your country, dispatch, word, and more. 


 corroborate your dispatch address now. 

 You will be incontinently taken to your CJ Account Manager, which houses essential information like network stats and performance summary. 


 After that, you need to click on Network Profile under the Account menu. And complete this profile independently to join any chapter program listed on CJ. 

In this CJ Affiliate guide,  i will be able to  share with you everything you need to get started on the platform. Earlier, I shared a CJ Affiliate marketing case study; now,  i will be able to  give you an in-depth look at the network and how it works.

You'll also get  to understand  how to use the platform to make money online. If  you are not  interested, I'll also share  a number of  the best CJ Affiliate programs and alternatives. By  the top  of this post, I'll also answer  a number of  the FAQs on the platform and give my quick CJ review.

Sounds promising? Let's get the ball rolling, then.

What is CJ Affiliate

CJ is  a web  advertising company formerly known as Commission Junction. It's  one among  the oldest and most popular affiliate networks, founded back in 1998.

Remember,  it is a  network of affiliate programs and not a standalone program or project. Because CJ  are often  associated with the American rapper C.J. Daniel Soriano Jr., we call the platform CJ Affiliate.

The network boasts of  quite  3,800 advertisers and over 167,000 active publishers at  scripting this  post. CJ has been consistently ranked  together  of various online publishers' top 10 affiliate networks.

With deep data analytics and an unparalleled understanding of customer needs, CJ has established itself as  a pacesetter  in performance marketing.

For Advertiser:

With CJ, advertisers can launch and manage multiple affiliate programs from a centralized network. CJ offers advertisers  a good  range of tracking, management, and payment options.

Advertisers  also can  take advantage of CJ's experienced team of account managers. These professionals are available  to assist  you at every step, from program set-up to optimization.

For Publisher:

For publishers, CJ offers  a good  variety of high-paying affiliate programs.  you'll  find programs in almost any niche with CJ.

CJ also offers  a good  range of promotional tools,  like  banners, text links,  and merchandise  feeds. The reporting tools are second to none and offer granular data  which will  help you fine-tune your campaigns for maximum results.

Let's confirm if  you'll  join CJ as a publisher.


First things first, it's  liberal to  join! CJ is a beginner-friendly affiliate network, so  don't be concerned  if you are just starting.  the wants  to join the platform are almost similar to other networks.  for instance ,  you ought to  have a blog or social media following.

Is not it egregious? Let's find out further. 


  • High- quality, unique content. 
  • Non-gated content, of course. 
  •  Point sequestration policy. 
  •  No software, pasteboard deal, or incitement models 
  •  spots with primary business from US and Canada. 
  •  The primary business source shouldn't be ‘ paid.' 

10K runner views a month on your blog or website and a substantial following on specified social networks. 

 And of course, you should be at least 18 times old and enjoy a blog, point, or social media profile. You can add further than one business source if you have one. You need to go to your ‘ Account,' ‘ Websites,' and ‘ Add Website.'


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