This video will show  you ways  to earn money from google translate. Make money from google translate with this step by step tutorial.

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540 in way  but  30 minutes

get paid using google translate and your

email account

this is a brand new strategy that can

make you thousands of dollars so

just stay tuned with this strategy to

make money online

you can do it as a complete beginner you

don't need  an internet site  you don't need to

be  ahead  of a camera

and  you do not  need to have any technical

skills i'm  visiting  show you a simple

four-step process  that you simply  can use to

make money

just like this and you can do this over

and  once again 

and once it's  founded  all you need is

your  mobile 

and you'll be able to do this on repeat

and make passive income

over and  once again  but before we start

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now let's  revisit  to the video like i

said there are four steps  to form  money


with this strategy and  this is often  step one

the first thing that you want to do is

you want to come over to google and you

want  to travel  on to google translate

as we all know  plenty  of stuff that we

look for online is english based so

when i search for things like how to

make money online

i don't see other methods that people

see  round the  world

so  one among  the tricks that i use is go to

google translate

i'm gonna  come across  here and i'm gonna

translate from english over to german

so  for instance  we type in best ways to

make money online

now there are  folks that  write articles

in different countries that we will

never see because

they're designed  for his or her  specific

countries but the methods  might be 

unbelievable what  you would like  to do is copy

this translation  up here 

and then you come over to google and

paste this translation

and  you would like  to hit enter what's going

to happen  now's  it's going to give you

all these different searches that are in


now  you'll  do this in spanish in hindi

you can do this in finnish

you can do this in any country around

the world

so what  you would like  to do now is scroll

down and find

four  alternative ways  that people have

written about  the way to  make money online

let's say you want to click onto this

one  up here  for example and when you

click on this  you are going  to see that

this has been written  during a  different

language and on your computer you're

gonna have  this tiny  symbol over here

that's  visiting  allow you to translate

this article

into english and  this is often  some of the

ways that i find different ways to make

money online

so as  you'll  see now i've translated

this over and

this is the entire article i can tell

you how many

awesome sites  i've got  found from people

around the world

that show me these  alternative ways  to

make money online

in different countries so that's the

first step

we're gonna need  this text  when we

use this for the free traffic method

at  the top  of this video so make sure

you keep watching

from here we  attend  step two what we need

is  a suggestion 

now when we're  watching  offers there

are  some  sites that you can use

and  one among  those sites is clickbank.com


dutystore24 for  the aim  of this

video i'm  visiting  use clickbank.com

so for those of you  that do not  know what

clickbank is it's an affiliate

marketplace where people promote their

products and  you'll  go and promote that

product  and that they  will pay you for every

sale  that you simply  get

so if they're selling a product for nine

hundred dollars

they can pay you up to 50 and you can


hundreds of dollars for promoting

different types of products

as  you recognize  i'm obviously in the make

money online niche so i'm gonna show you

a product  that you simply  can promote with

absolutely free traffic like i keep


no technical skills needed and make

money online

utilizing your gmail account  and i am 

going to show you how to do that in a


along with that article we just found so

when you scroll down here

you can come over to e-business and

e-marketing and once you  come across  to

e-business and e-marketing

it's all about finding a product that

you want to promote so you can scroll

down here and  you'll  see there's a

number  of various  products

this entire process is only going to

take you anything from 10 minutes to 30

minutes  to line  up and you will continue

to make passive income

over and  once again  when you scroll down

here  there is a  whole range of different

types of products

if  you do not  find anything on the first

page guys  you'll  always come over to

the second page

they've got pages and pages of these

different types of stuff

what we're  visiting  be using today is

this one because that pays  plenty  of

money for

every single sale  that you simply  get what you

want  to try to to  from here is click on promote

then  you would like  to click on generate a hop

link for yourself

so click on this one and i'll show you a

super simple way  that you simply  can get free

traffic and make sales consistently

over and  once again  so pay close


what  you would like  to do is copy this link

and from here

i want to show you how you can do this

on autopilot

so we now have  how  that people can

make money online  we've  an offer that

we can promote

now what  you would like  is to set up your

gmail account

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now let's  revisit  to the video so for

step three

what  you would like  to do is you need to come

over to gmail

you want to set up a brand new account

and i'll show  you ways  you can set this

up and  walk off  and you never have to

respond to anybody

you don't need to talk to anybody you

don't need  an internet site 

you don't need to be on camera once you

set up a gmail account what you want to

do is  you would like  to come over to your

settings  then  it's going to take you

over to a page  that appears  like

this and what  you would like  to do is you want

to scroll all the way down

to  the underside  where it says vacation


this is where the automation piece comes

in so let me show you exactly what this

looks like

what i've done here is i've set this up

to say free training to make money from


and i added this if you want to learn a

proven system of affiliate marketing

that can work worldwide click on the

link and take the free training

and then there is a link that i put over

here what i did was i went over to a

site called bitly.com

i pasted that link that i got from

clickbank so if we copy that link and

paste it here then click on shorten

this is going to create a nice short

link  on behalf of me  over here

and all i need to do is copy that come

back over to my gmail account and paste

this in here

what happens with this auto reply or

vacation responder is

anytime somebody emails you  to the present 

email address

they're going to get an out of office

reply  which suggests 

you don't need to sit there replying to

people this email will automatically

send to anybody that emails you with

this title and

with this  within the  body of the email which

contains a link

it's a fantastic way to make money

online on autopilot with affiliate


utilizing your gmail account now we've

got an email account  founded 

we've got our product  we have got  what we

want to use now i'm  visiting  show you

how  you'll  get free traffic and not get

any of your links banned or removed in

any way

so for step four what  you would like  to do is

come over to a site called

korea.com now let me show  you ways  you

can  do that  without getting any of your

links removed

so  for instance  you come over here and type

in best ways  to form  money online

and it's  visiting  show you a lot of

these  differing types  of answers

now from here what  you would like  to do is you

want to scroll down here

and  you would like  to click on to past hour

you want the latest questions that have

been posted here  in order that  you can reply

to  plenty  of these different types of

questions that are already on here

as  you'll  see people have written what

is the best way to earn money online

or how do i earn money online from home

using  the web 

etc  then  what you want to do is

click onto that it's  visiting  give you

the option over here to reply back to

this answer

and because this is the most recent a

lot  of individuals  will see this

and they will see your responses for a

very  while 

and i'll show you proof of that later

what  you would like  to do now is you want to

answer this question and once you click

on this  up here 

it's  visiting  bring you to this one and

you're going to be able to reply back to


now  this is often  where this article comes

into play  you would like  to use this article

to answer  plenty  of these different types

of questions

i just want  to point out  you exactly how i

did this so i  just about  prepared one


so i  came to visit  here and i answered this

question and as  you'll  see

here i simply  came to visit  here and copied

this article

sometimes  you would like  to play around with

it  you would like  to copy and paste

once i finished pasting this  so as 

for me to make money online

what i did at  the beginning  of this answer

was i wrote this in here

i'll show you  some  ways how to make

money online also if you're interested i

can show you  a way  i found that has a

free training  to form  five hundred

dollars  to at least one  thousand dollars

just email me and now  this is often  my email

address  up here  guys but what i did

was  i prefer  to leave spaces like what you


so people can click onto this if they

want to  they will  quite simply copy this


and  what is going on  to happen when they

email you  they go  to get this

automatic response back to their email

and you'll be surprised with how much


will email you  due to  your answer

and the best part is

no one else will find these answers

because i'm using countries from around

the world to get answers it's a

super powerful strategy and  you'll  come over


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