A Proven Step-By-Step System For Marketing Books On Amazon

Mastering Book Marketing

A Proven Step-By-Step System For Marketing Books On Amazon:

  • The Latest And Best Internet Marketing Strategies That Will Help You Blow By Your Competition And Make You More Money! 
  • ​Proven Free And Paid Traffic Strategies  which will  Generate A Surge Of Book Sales For You.
  • ​Content Creation And Customer Attraction Strategies  that no-one  Else Is Talking About!
  • ​How To Future-Proof Your Business  in order that  It's Not Reliant On One Platform Or Method.
  • ​Support And Feedback Inside Our Private Facebook Group Community!

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I know it’s not easy to keep up with every new strategy and tactic that people are using to promote their books effectively.

That’s why this isn’t a static program  that you simply  go through once. We work together every single month  to form  sure you’re taking advantage of the most effective book marketing strategies available anywhere. 

You’re really learning  the way to  build a powerful online brand that can springboard you to consistent and passive profits long after you launch your book.

That’s because  once you  do what I say, you and your books will become a trusted authority  which will  continue making income for you for many years to come, while opening up exciting NEW passive income streams like affiliate marketing, where  you'll  start making money on the back-end.

In addition to all of this, you’ll  even be  invited to join my private Facebook group community with hundreds of people committed just like you.

This community  may be a  POWERFUL resource for you, as  you'll  get questions answered, learn what’s working for others, network with other publishers, and stay motivated.

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marketing books on amazon

MONTH #1: Platform Creation -  the way to  Set Up Your Publishing Business For Success (IMMEDIATE ACCESS)

  • The Online Business Mastery Blueprint - Get My Exact Online Business Blueprint Responsible For Helping Me Build A Multi-Million Dollar Per Year Business. 
  • ​Your Book Marketing Success Plan -  find out how  To Effectively Map Out A Marketing Plan For Your Book,  in order that  You Can Ramp Up Book Sales.
  • ​A New Revenue Stream  that's  Growing 20% Per Year That You Absolutely Should Be Taking Advantage Of.
  • ​Audiobook Publishing -  the way to  Generate Additional Sales And Passive Income By Using ACX To Quickly Publish On Amazon, Audible, And iTunes.
  • Advanced Amazon Ads Training -  find out how  To Optimize Your Amazon Ads And Make Your Campaigns Even More Profitable.
  • How To Create A Website And Blog That Gives You Credibility And Authority In Your Niche.

marketing books on amazon

MONTH #2:  the way to  Leverage The Most Important Marketing Channels So You Can Maximize Your Revenues (Unlocked After 30 Days)

  • The Amazon Algorithm Explained - Discover How The Amazon Algorithm Works So  you'll  Rank Your Books Faster And Increase Your Books Exposure.
  • Audiobook Marketing - ​Learn Insider Strategies On  the way to  Get Reviews For Your Audiobook To Build Trust And Generate More Sales.
  • ​Find  the simplest  Keywords To Write Blog Articles That Will Bring You Visitors And Sales From Search Engines.
  • ​A Simple “Hack” For Doing Keyword Research Effectively And Efficiently.
  • ​I’ll Reveal My Strategies For Creating Content That Influences And Attracts Thousands Of Raving Fan Customers Every Single Month.

marketing books on amazon

MONTH #3: Discover Powerful Book Marketing Strategies To Scale Your Business (Unlocked 30 Days After The Previous Month)

  • Book Pricing Strategies - Learn Why Pricing  are often  A Barrier For Your Potential Readers And How To Price Your Book Effectively So You Can Achieve Your Book Marketing Goals.
  • ​Discover Why  you would like  To Be Utilizing BookBub,  and the way  To Run BookBub Ads.
  • ​Web Design Strategies - Come Backstage With Me As I Show  you ways  I Designed And Created My Website (www.ProjectLifeMastery.com).
  • ​​How To Optimize Your Blog Posts For SEO - Follow My Step-By-Step Instructions On  the way to  Structure And Optimize Your Blog Posts For SEO And Get Them Ranking On The First Page Of Google.
  • ​How To Convert Your Book To EPUB So  you'll  Publish Your Book On Other Retail Sites That Aren't Amazon (Increasing Your Book Exposure).

marketing books on amazon

MONTH #4: Proven Methods  to maximise  Your Book Profits In Minimum Time (Unlocked 30 Days After The Previous Month)

  • ​How  to market  Your Book And Generate Sales With Newsletter Swaps & Joint Promotions.
  • ​How To Use Amazon Tracking Links To Uncover  the foremost  Effective Book Marketing Strategy That Produces The Most Sales And Maximize Your Profits.
  • ​​Copywriting 101 –  the way to  Create “Cash-Producing” Book Descriptions That Influence & Persuade People To Make Them Want To Buy Your Book Instantly.
  • ​​Discover My Little-Known Secrets To ​​Get Your First 1,000 Subscribers Fast So  you'll  Gain Traction And Scale Up Your Business (Hint: When You Have A List Of Subscribers, Selling Your Book Becomes MUCH EASIER). 

marketing books on amazon

MONTH #5: My Favorite Strategies To "Outsmart" Your Competition  and obtain  People To Buy Your Book (Unlocked 30 Days After The Previous Month)

  • ​A Simple Trick To Rank Your Book Higher On Amazon And Instantly Boost Your Book Sales (This Strategy  is nearly  As Easy As Flipping On A Light Switch). 
  • ​My Favorite Method Of Using Free Bonu​ses  to line  You Apart From Your Competition And Get People To Buy Your Book (Your Competition Doesn't Want Me To Teach You This... But I'm Doing It Anyway). 
  • ​The  easiest method  To Increase Conversion Rates And Develop Your "Business Back-End" By Adding A Free Bonus Inside Your Book  (It'll Surprise You How Easy This Strategy Is When You Know The Principle Behind It). 
  • A Proven Strategy That  the foremost  Successful Authors Use To Promote Their Books On Podcasts. (Reach Thousands  of latest  Customers That Are Interested In Buying Your Book).

marketing books on amazon

MONTH #6: Get Access To My Behind-Closed-Doors Book Marketing Secrets That  i exploit  In My Own Business (Unlocked 30 Days After The Previous Month)

  • Learn  the foremost  Powerful Book Marketing Strategy To Promote Your Book To A New Group Of Readers Who Can't Wait To Buy Your Book.
  • Discover The Fastest  thanks to  Skyrocket Your Profits Without Publishing More Books, Creating Your Own Course, Or Investing Into Paid Ads (This Is My FAVORITE  thanks to  Make Money Online).
  • ​My Top, Most Sustainable Strategies For Getting Reviews For Your Book Without Begging, Bribing, Or Breaking Amazon’s Terms & Conditions.

marketing books on amazon

MONTHS 7+:  you will be  Learning More Of The Best Internet Marketing Strategies And Tactics Every Single Month!


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