Why Cloud-Native Java Developers Love Liberty?

 Why cloud-native Java developers love Liberty?

  • Exploring the open source runtime  and therefore the  features it offers that make your lives easier Delivering cloud-native Java applications can be a complex task, and one  which will  sometimes seem overwhelming.
  • Spring Framework and Spring Boot -- Open source framework building on Java EE APIs for developing enterprise and cloud-native applications.
  • Setup tools: Starter Now  that you've got  set up your IDE with our Open Liberty IDE tools,  the subsequent  step is actually getting hands-on and starting to write an application using Liberty.
  • If  you are looking  to build and deploy your applications in containers,  you'll  make use of the pre-built Liberty base images that are available in IBM Cloud Registry (ICR) and Docker Hub.
  • To view our hands-on guides that showcase how to make use of each API,  take a look at  the following resources: Testing your application Testing integration A key aspect of agile delivery is continuous integration, and  to try to to  this effectively you need good testing from the start.
  • The Paketo Liberty buildpack provides the Open Liberty runtime to a workflow that produces an Open Container Initiative (OCI) image  which will  run just about anywhere.


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