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14 Simple Tips to Increase Productivity at Work Today!

14 Ways To Increase Productivity In Business

increase productivity at work

What 14 ways can productivity be increased?

No doubt you've found yourself one day under a lot of pressure, and wished  you'll  add more hours to your day. 

But that's impossible, as  you simply  have twenty-four hours in a day, and  you've got  two choices to increase your productivity:

Either dedicate more time to work, or follow  a better  work strategy. Of course, you'd  prefer the second method. Increasing productivity at work  isn't  a complicated science, all  you would like  is to manage your time properly in order to be able to get as many tasks as possible during the day. during this  article, we'll  cover 14 simple yet effective strategies to increase your productivity.

increase productivity in business

1- Keep track of how long you spend on your tasks

increase productivity at work

You might think that you can accurately track how long you spend on each of your tasks at work, but  the truth  is that only a small percentage of people actually do. So,  there's  no harm in using some tools that contribute to determining how long you will spend working on each of your projects.  for instance ,  you'll  use Rescue Time to manage time and tasks,  which may  limit how long you spend on daily tasks including email, social media and other different applications and programs.

2- Take regular breaks

increase productivity at work

This may seem counterintuitive, so how do breaks help  cause you to  more productive? But it is true, as taking regular short breaks during long tasks contributes greatly to maintaining focus and performance, unlike working for long hours without interruption, which  results in  a decline in the ability to focus and work at the same level.

3- Set deadlines and  stick with  them

increase productivity at work

Although  we frequently  see stress as a bad thing that negatively affects productivity, having  a suitable  level of stress can be surprisingly counterproductive.  you'll  create this kind of stress by setting deadlines for handing out tasks and sticking to them.  you'll  be surprised at how focused and productive you can be if you work within a certain time frame.

4- Follow the two-minute rule

increase productivity at work

Entrepreneur Steve Olenski advises introducing the two-minute rule  to urge  the most out of your small business hours.  you'll  apply this rule as follows: Find a task or work that you can finish in two minutes or less and get it done right away.  this might  be printing a file and handing it to your manager, sending an email, or other quick tasks. Steve stresses that getting such tasks done  immediately  takes less time than you might need if you put them off until later.

5- Say “no” to meetings

increase productivity at work

Meetings are  one among  the most wasteful things about employees time, yet we  still  hold them, attend them and even complain about them.  consistent with  Atlassian,  the typical  employee spends approximately 31 hours per month on unproductive meetings. So, before you schedule your next meeting,  give some thought to  whether you can achieve the goals of that meeting through email, phone, or  a web  meeting (which might be the least time consuming thing).

6- Hold quick meetings

increase productivity at work

If  you want to  have a meeting,  ensure  to make it quick.  a method  to shorten the meeting time is by having what are known as standing meetings. These are meetings where  most are  standing.  this sort  of meeting reduces the time spent on discussion and improves the performance of attendees, which ultimately  results in  higher productivity.

7- Avoid multitasking

increase productivity at work

Many  might imagine  that multitasking is a basic skill that increases efficiency and productivity, but this view is wrong. Many psychologists, including researcher Clifford Nass from  Stanford University , have proven that trying to accomplish  quite  one task at the same time greatly affects focus and thus reduces productivity. final.

8- Observe use of your spare time

increase productivity at work

Every time you find yourself getting some time,  attempt to  put it to good use.  rather than  playing on your mobile device, or checking your social media pages,  you'll  reply to important emails or do some brainstorming for your next assignment.

9- Don't search for perfection

increase productivity at work

Many entrepreneurs  fall under  this trap.  they need  all the tasks performed to be perfect and flawless,  and thus  spend too much time on one task, which reduces their productivity. Let's be realistic, perfection is impossible, so  rather than  striving to achieve the impossible, do your best  to finish  the task at hand, then  advance  to the next task, and  you'll  come back later and improve your work when you have time for it, but don't waste  some time  trying to reach perfection.

10- Do exercise

increase productivity at work

Exercising while working increases productivity,  consistent with  a study published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine.  ensure  you set aside time during the week to spend it in the gym or strolling in the park,  and see  the effect on your productivity, breathing fresh air and moving your body  a touch  bit may be all you need to do better at work.

11- Don't allow outside circumstances to regulate you

increase productivity at work

If you let phone calls and emails define the way your day goes, we guarantee  you will get  nothing done during the day. Take the time  to reply  to these calls and messages, but don't allow them  to regulate  your day and how you spend it, but  stick with  the plan you've made for yourself.

12-  Close up all alerts

increase productivity at work

No one can resist the alerts we get on our various electronic devices, whether it's announcing  a replacement  email, a text message or a notification on our Facebook page. And what  you think that  is that checking for such alerts will only cost you a few minutes will eventually cause your productivity to drop dramatically. So  ensure  during working hours to turn off all alerts and sources of distraction, and  this is often  part of the process of controlling your life and not allowing external circumstances to determine the way your day goes.

13-  Make sure of the place around you

increase productivity at work

Never underestimate the impact that the work environment around  you'll  have on your productivity. As adding some aesthetic touches to your office will greatly contribute to increasing your productivity and reducing your sense of stress and fatigue. Surround yourself with plants, flowers, pictures or  belongings you  love or make you happy.  ensure  the space is well ventilated and tidy and clean, the  easier  you are in your office,  the higher  you will do.

 14- Get obviate interruptions

increase productivity at work

You may find that a colleague who comes in every now and then to talk to you or tell you a nice joke at work is silly and not important,  it's going to  feel like something really nice and helps relieve stress, but frequent interruptions like these will tire your mind and reduce your productivity dramatically.  ensure  to minimize these interruptions by setting a no-hassle working hour, locking your office door or  performing from  your home if you need complete calm and intense focus.  last ,  we will  summarize the above in one comprehensive tip: If you want to increase your productivity at work, avoid trying  to figure  longer hours or add more tasks to your busy schedule. Instead, take a  outing  and find strategies to get these tasks done smartly. And with less effort.

increase productivity in business quotes

  • “Focus on being productive instead of busy.”
  • “Do the hard jobs first.
  • “Productivity is being able to do things that you were never able to do before.” 
  • “It's not always that we need to do more but rather that we need to focus on less.”