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Can you make money from Google News?

Can you make money from Google News?

How Google supports journalism  and therefore the  news industry

Google is committed to supporting open access to information. Our products give people choice and help them find more high-quality journalism — from international stories to community reporting — than ever before.

Over the past 20 years, we’ve collaborated closely with the news industry and provided billions of dollars to support the creation of quality journalism  within the  digital age. Through both our services and our direct funding  of stories  organizations, Google is  one among  the world’s biggest financial supporters of journalism.

Our commitment to news

Our products are built  to supply  relevant and useful information for everyone, ensuring  that folks  around the world are able to find quality news. As  a part of  this, we play a constructive role in enabling a sustainable, independent, and diverse news ecosystem.

We've shown that commitment over decades  of monetary  support by providing billions of dollars — sharing revenue with news publishers via our ad network, developing tools, training and funding through programs  just like the  Google News Initiative, and launching Google News Showcase. All  of those  have led to us paying news organizations significant amounts of money.

These efforts help people get  the standard  news and information that matters to them and their community.

We deliver significant value and funding to news organizations

Every  news agency  can choose whether they want to be in Google Search and Google News. Most do because it  leads to  valuable free traffic.

Each month, people click through from Google Search and Google News results to publishers' websites  quite  24 billion times. The traffic we send to news sites helps publishers increase their readership, build trust with readers and earn money.

Our advertising technology helps news organizations make money by showing ads on their websites, apps and videos.  per annum  we pay out billions of dollars directly to the publishing partners in our ad network.

We also pay to license content through Google News Showcase,  a replacement  online experience that’s powered by a $1 billion investment in news organizations.  quite  700 news publications are part of Google News Showcase, with more  to return .

And we’re committed to finding new ways to support the news industry. This includes Subscribe with Google, which we built with news publishers  to assist  them make money from new subscribers,  also  the Google News Initiative, through which  we offer  tools, training and grant funding  to assist  news organizations evolve in the digital age. The Google News Initiative includes a $300 million funding commitment to  the longer term  of the news industry.

News, the web and regulation

Newspaper circulation has been falling  for many years .  and therefore the  internet, while providing cheaper distribution and more potential readers, completely changed the business models  of stories  organizations, with classifieds revenue moving to specialized online classified services and increased competition from a wider range of publications. Technology companies, news organizations and governments  have to  collaborate to enable a strong future for journalism and quality content that doesn’t disrupt access to the open web.

The internet was built on the ability to link freely between websites, which allows people  to simply  browse the internet. Changing  this is able to  fundamentally break the way the open web works,  and the way  people use Google Search.  this is often  why we and many others are concerned by some proposals that would require news publishers to be paid just for showing links to their sites from a Google search results page.