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How many words should be in one blog post?

strong-seo | How Long Should a Blog Post Be in 2023?

How Long Should a Blog Post Be in 2023?

If you  look for  the number of words that a blog post or article should contain,  you'll  find all kinds of answers on the Internet,  starting from  300 words to 2500 words in one article, but does that not seem  a touch  vague?

In fact,  there's  no specific number of words in a single article. Rather, this matter  isn't  determined by the author of the article, but by the competing blogs, that is, the articles that occupied  the primary  page in the search results for the same keyword.

How many words are in a perfect blog post:

Let's take  an easy  example of that, and  for instance ,  for instance ,  that you simply  want to write an article about "the best foods for pregnant women" To know the number of words needed in the article, follow these steps:

  • Enter the search box  and sort  the search phrase 'best food for pregnant women'
  • Then enter all or  a number of  the articles that appeared on the first page of the search results and count the number of words in each article
  • Select the article with  the most important  number of words, say 1,100 words
  • This means that your article must have more than 1,100 words.

And that leads us to another question, How will I quickly count  the amount  of words in each article?

Add word counter on Chrome:

Of course,  you'll  not manually count the number of words in each article, but there are several free tools  to try to to  this, just enter the Google Chrome extension market and  look for  (word counter) and it will show you many extensions that calculate the number of words you can choose one of them, either If  you would like  a specific addition, use (Word counter plus).

  • After installing the extension on the Chrome browser,  attend  the page where you want to count the number of words, select  the whole  content of the page, then right-click on any specific place on the page and choose Word Counter plus, a window will appear with  the amount  of words and other information that does not interest us.
  • It may happen that you encounter some sites, especially Arabic, that prevent  the choice  and copying feature, which makes  the method  of calculating the number of words automatically difficult, so  you've got  to calculate manually in the following way:
  • Calculate  the amount  of lines in the post, then multiply it by  the typical  number of words per line, and  you'll  get an approximate number of words in the post.
  • You can also use this tool while writing your article,  whenever  you want to know the number of words, press Ctrl + A  to pick  all and then use the extension to determine the number of words.

Why  is that the  number of words in an article important for SEO?

In fact,  nobody  knows exactly the criteria and algorithms by which search engines are programmed, so as  to not  be circumvented, but at  the identical  time, Google gives us  a group  of instructions that help us improve appearance in search results,  there's  no explicit mention of the impact of the number of words, but there are some tips  which may  be translated as many words, including:

  1. The article should provide a comprehensive description of a topic:  that's ,  an summary  of all the elements and questions arising from the topic, and  this is often  not in a few words.  for instance , if  you would like  to write an article about why ice floats on water,  you would like  to explain several things such as the molecular structure of ice and Hydrogen bonding and then explaining the law of buoyancy and others,  the solution  to all the questions that may come to the reader's mind can only be with an article with a large number of words.
  2. Inclusion of a greater number of keywords: We all know the importance of keywords in SEO,  and thus  increasing the number of words in the article means increasing the keywords, but rather targeting several keywords in one article,  for instance , if you wrote  a piece of writing  entitled “Why the color of the sky is blue” you can You add a subheading at the end of the article “Why does the sky tend to turn red at sunset” which is a search term other than the main keyword in the title and this will increase the number of visits.
  3. A larger number of words gives more confidence in the article: according to the analysis of specialists,  the bulk  of visitors do not read the entire article, but rather browse it in search of  the knowledge  they are looking for in the titles and images,  and that they  may keep the article link in order to return to it again or share it with others, all  of those  factors give indications To search engines that the article is of high quality.

How to increase the number of words without affecting the quality of the article :

I want to focus on this point on a very common mistake in Arabic content, which is  to elongate  the article by lengthening the introduction, and  this is often  a factor that strongly affects the reader’s interaction with the information provided, and he may close the page immediately if he finds excessive filling, or he may go  on to  search for the information that is presented He searches for it without reading the article or part of it, and this affects the evaluation of the content by search engines.

Increasing  the amount  of words is by going into details, not by getting too many generalities

Going into  the small print  gives the reader a positive impression full of confidence about the author,  which inspires  him to continue reading on the one hand and share the article with others on the other hand,  which can  raise the quality of the article in search engines, but how do I find  the small print  I am looking for?

It's simple,  look for  similar searches at the bottom of the search page and you will find questions related to your article or similar search words that you can add to your article without it being repetitive,  you'll  also search on Koora about similar questions there you will find the details you are looking for.

Bigger content needs bigger format:

Increasing  the amount  of words without formatting the article may lead to the visitor not feeling comfortable at the first sight when entering your article and may close the page quickly, the analyzes and statistics of SEO specialists indicate that  the bulk  of visitors do not read the entire article, but rather check it with their own eyes through titles  and pictures  in search of the information they are looking for about her.

Hence, the format of the article  is important  the larger the content, by adding  the subsequent  things:

  1. Add sub-headings and sub-headings whenever necessary.
  2. Create a table of contents  that has  the titles and sections of the article.
  3. Add illustrations whenever possible.

I hope that this simple article has removed the confusion about the concept of the number of words in one article, if you have any questions, put them in the comments.

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