10 colors that attract customers and increase sales and demand for your products and designs

10 Colors That Increase Sales

10 colors that attract customers and increase sales and demand for your products and designs

How wonderful and beautiful colors are? Some of us love blue and others red, and so each of us has his own color that

Attracted to him and this is well understood by designers and marketers, so they try to make their products and marketing campaigns a certain color

Attracts attention to them, and makes them successful products and campaigns.

The designer focuses on color consistency in logos and product design, while marketers also put the campaign color on top

their interests and focus.

But we should all know that there are 10 colors that have been proven in various experiments and over the years, their strong success in making

The best products and advertising campaigns ever, unlike others that used colors other than those in the list below, which

We will learn about it in the following lines.

1- red color

It expresses strength, attracts people's attention, and even makes them look at it constantly, and it is one of the best colors in marketing, just do not exaggerate

In using it because it will give the opposite of the expected results.

2- blue

One of the most prevalent colors on the Internet, which is used by the best international sites, and which expresses coolness, confidence and recovery

And renewal, it is the color of the future and hope and has an important impact on designs and advertising campaigns.

3- pink

Do you want to attract women to buy your product or admire your design? Pink color is the solution, it attracts them without feeling strong

Seduced them, because it is simply the color of femininity.

4- yellow

From the first look at it, it makes you feel powerful and dangerous as well, so its successful use is to warn your audience of anything you want to eliminate

him and convince them to do so.

5- green

It is the color of nature, and it invites your target audiences to pleasure and tells them that your product is healthy and environmentally friendly, and that your organization

She has good will, not to mention that green is the color of money so it creates ideas for wealth.

6- Purple / Violet

It is the undisputed color of royalty, giving your products and advertising campaigns a touch of elegance.

7- Golden

It is a symbol of wealth and power, and you can help your products add a touch to it that makes it targeted to the rich and wealthy.

8- orange

It is a color that expresses energy and willpower, has characteristics that make it exciting in the eyes of everyone, and in the case of your product designs based on

On the orange, it means to your customers that your company is well-developed.

9- brown

A color that expresses comfort and reassurance, and its use in your products and designs makes your customers comfortable in their dealings with you.

10- The black

It is one of the common colors in technical products and technology, and adds to the products a kind of respect, prestige and elegance as well

Especially if the black in that case reflects a wonderful luster.


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