13 Effective Time Management Tips and Boost Productivity

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What are the 13 tips to manage your time better?

Managing time and maintaining high levels of productivity  may be a  daily struggle, but sometimes it  doesn't suggest  the end of the world. But if  this is often  not addressed sooner rather than later, the tasks you were  alleged to  accomplish today will be pushed back to tomorrow. Here are  a while  management and productivity boosting tips below:

1-  rise up  early.

Want  to possess  more time? Start by getting up early,  this manner  you will have enough time to read, reply to emails and plan your day efficiently.

2- Schedule your work  consistent with  your energy levels:

Accomplish high-energy tasks for  the days  when your energy levels and focus are at their peak.  this is often  known as the "magic hours."  this era  is usually two and a half hours after you wake up. By creating a schedule  supported  your energy levels,  you'll  establish a daily routine that ensures that you are most productive.

3- Make  the foremost  of your waiting time:

Let's say you have a doctor's appointment,  cash in  of the waiting time by reading, answering calls and messages, or writing a note.

4- Delegate tasks:

Instead of doing all the tasks yourself,  you'll  delegate them or take out the services of others, so  you'll  focus on more important tasks.

5-  do not be  hard on yourself.

What would happen if you spent your holiday relaxing?

Stop wasting  some time  feeling guilty about it. Sometimes, it takes  a touch  indulgence, rest and doing what  you're keen on  to get rid of work stress, so  do not be  too hard on yourself, and make time for your hobbies.

6-  close up  notifications:

Turn off all notifications and notifications for email, Facebook and other social media channels,  once you  are working and intent on accomplishing tasks that need focus.

7. Listen carefully.

Active listening is  once you  are attentive and focused in the conversation you have with your co-worker or boss. As a result,  you'll  be more productive because you avoid misunderstandings and waste time re-explaining what was said.

8- Take a nap

When you feel tired and exhausted, take  a brief  nap in the afternoon, as this not only helps recharge your energy, but improves your memory, ability to focus and creativity.

9- Do some exercise:

Exercise is  one among  the most important and powerful methods that help you organize your life in a healthy way.

Richard Branson, president of Virgin Group, once said in an interview, “I can definitely put in twice  the maximum amount  effort at work when I take care of my health and fitness. It boosts brain function.

10. Get enough sleep.

You may be satisfied with sleeping for a few hours when you're younger, but  that will not  work when you're older.

Remember  to urge  enough sleep of 7 to 9 hours every night, as this has benefits  like  enhancing your attention, focus and creativity  also  as improving your ability to make decisions,  also  as reducing stress levels.

11- Meditation:

Meditation  is that the  simplest form of enhancing the ability to focus, and  so as  to meditate well,  you've got  to remove everything from your mind.

12- Make a plan:

Suppose  you would like  to build your dream house.  it's  obvious that you will hire a distinguished architect to design your house, as  this may  ensure that it will be built in the right way with the necessary resources to get the job done on time. Start your day by setting  an idea  and goals for the short and long term.

13- smile:

According to scientific studies, smiling  causes you to  more productive because it boosts your immunity,  causes you to  happier, and  features a  better ability to deal with stress,  additionally  to boosting your levels of focus.


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