How does one convince your brain to do the hard stuff!!

How do I motivate myself to do hard things?,How do you convince your mind to do something?,How do you get hard things done?
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The stock of the mind depends on the behaviors and behaviors that  an individual  receives and learns from other people and acquires his basic personality from these things that the subconscious mind stores.  it's  worth noting that the subconscious mind works non-stop during awakening and during sleep,  and thus  high morale or low morale depends on the programming sent to it by the apparent and that mind.

 Ways  to regulate  your mind

Read on for 4 tips and tricks that'll get you motivated in no time.

 1- Injecting the  subconscious  with ideas: 

This method is done by passing the ideas that we want to achieve, from the apparent mind, to the  subconscious  directly, by adopting  a specific  idea, and fully immersing itself in  brooding about  it, or through daydreaming, and this method is achieved, by quiet thinking including  we would like  to achieve it,  and that we  will notice that this thing will be achieved exactly as it is! Example: When you convince yourself that the exam is very easy,  that you simply  will score a perfect mark,  which  all the talk about the difficulty that accompanies the subject is just nonsense,  you'll  notice that you will actually pass the difficulty and will achieve excellence with ease.

 2- Seeking knowledge and strengthening the  reference to  God: 

If we want to program the subconscious mind for what we want, we must first be  given  logical and scientific ideas, which go  consistent with  a well-thought-out scientific method, and  faraway from  illusion and useless imagination,  which  these ideas be accompanied by meditation and contemplation,  in order that  we form a certain picture of the thing. What  we would like  to achieve,  and that we  meditate on how to achieve it, with  the sensation  that God Almighty supports us,  and provides  us happiness that is related to the success of this idea and its realization.

 3- Thanksgiving:  

once we  have grateful and satisfied souls, the  subconscious  becomes programmed to accept things with great spaciousness, and  this is often  a promise from God to His thankful servants, and with thanksgiving, blessings last, and  this is often  a great way to program the subconscious mind, to thank,  twiddling my thumbs , feel comfortable and reassured, and expel negative thoughts.

4-  the tactic  of discussion and arguing of ideas: 

This method is done by presenting negative thoughts and events for discussion, and reaching the conclusion that  they're  ideas that come from false beliefs. It sends it to the body, so it resists disease better, and morale becomes very high; Because positivity and high morale, is half the treatment.


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