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Keyword Research Tool –  the simplest  Alternative to Google Keyword Planner

Google  features a  free keyword tool called Google Keyword Planner to know the exact phrases people use.  you can't  see the actual monthly search volume with the Keyword Planner. For that,  you'll  need to run an AdWords campaign. 

And that costs you money, and however, it  shouldn't  put you off the tool. Since  you'll  do the keyword research in H-Supertools,  you'll  get almost the exact monthly search volume for your keywords. 

The Keyword Planner  are often  free if you ‘create an account without a campaign.’  on the other hand  it requires a lot of clicks.  the simplest  alternative to finding your keywords is sifting through our Keyword Research Tool.  it's  a lot of valuable features we’ll reveal later. 

But for now, let’s  hop on  understanding how it works so that you can trust using it.

How The Keyword Research Tool Works

Google Autosuggest or Autocomplete is  a particularly  valuable feature of Google Search.  the aim  is to speed up the search process for the users. Our Keyword Research Tool helps you hone  the facility  of Autosuggest in seconds. 

But then you may wonder why you should use it in the first place when you can use the Autosuggest or Autocomplete feature by yourself.

Well,  you would like  to use our tool because it speeds up the process and saves you time. It also gives  you a great many  metrics,  like  CPCs or volumes,  to work out  which keywords to prioritize. 

Are you a blogger, digital nomad, or business owner? If so,  the sole  way you’re going to succeed is by making people visit your website or blog.  and therefore the  best method to do it is creating content around the words people use to search for a query. 

The tool  may be a  keyword explorer or finder, which helps  you discover  the right keywords for your site. Let’s get  to understand  how it works now. 

Visit the tool
Enter a seed keyword
And click on ‘Search.’
The Keyword Research Tool then searches Google and metrics like monthly volume, paid competition, and CPC.  then ,  you opt  on which keywords are perfect for your blog or site.

Remember that the magic happens as you search your seed keyword.

But  what's  a seed keyword anyway?
It’s  a serious  keyword in your niche, which  is typically  short and consists of one or two words only. It’s where your keyword research starts.  for instance , if you’re  within the  niche of marketing and want to define it in the first place. 

Then your seed keyword  could also be , ‘what is marketing’  or simply  ‘marketing.’ As you  look for  your seed or major keyword, you’ll find all the keywords  associated with  it. Here’s what  you'll  find with ‘what is marketing’:

What is marketing

a)  what's  a marketing mix
b)  what's  a marketing automation
c)  what's  a marketing strategy
d)  what's  marketing research
e)  what's  marketing management
f)  what's  a marketing plan
g)  what's  a marketing campaign
h)  what's  marketing attribution
i)  what's  a marketing funnel
And more. It becomes easy for you  to settle on  a particular keyword based on paid competition, monthly volume, or CPC.